Whole House Fluoride Filter

Well, let’s clear it out from the beginning. You will get all the essential information through this article. No matter what, we don’t want to harm our bodies from anything. We always look forward to living and leading a healthy life. We have to protect our bodies. A petty harmful substance can affect major issues in our bodies. The water you use to drink, cook, or shower causes you trouble if it’s not pure.

We all look for water filters for drinking and want a filter that would purify our bathing aqua. From now, we will be discussing shower filter myths and the Whole house fluoride filtering system. And give you the knowledge that you are here for.

Whole House Fluoride Filter And Maintenance

From this section, you will know about whole house fluoride removal filter maintenance. Besides, if you want to remove contaminants from your portable aqua, you should go for whole house water filtration maintenance. Purified water ensures your good health and healthy-looking skin and hair. Otherwise, you have to use a bathtub water filter for extra care. And to assure that you are getting purified aqua, the whole water filter system.

Water filters don’t work equally. There are a lot of various water filters. Companies don’t create those filters to work on everything. Some water filters remove only dirt, and some remove only chemical elements. But you are looking forward to removing fluoride from your whole house water system.

What Is Whole House Water Filtration System?

We can measure from the name that it will do. The whole job on its own as the whole water filtration systems work to fulfill all filtration problems. It’s done the job by constituting an entry point system that works through filtration media and channeling water. Its filters out the dirt, sands, and chemical elements like fluoride and chlorine.

Benefits of whole house water filter system

• Provide good taste and smell

• Harmful Chemical-free clean drinking water

• Ensure fluoride removal drinkable water

• Family safety with whole house water filtration

• Decrease  bones, teeth, bone char and all kinds of health issues 

• Marks safe level of water

Why Remove Fluoride From Water

Fluoride was added to the sprinkle through our municipal water supply. Minimal use of this can be good because it solves the tooth decay problem. But excessive use of this might be harmful further. So it will be beneficial to remove levels of fluoride from the whole household. A house fluoride filter system would be a great option to follow.

Best Whole House Fluoride Filtration System

We always look for what is best for us. We have to be wise to filter peace of mind for water or whole house fluoride while choosing the system. Likewise, we recommend two primary methods that you can look for.

Whole House RO Reverse Osmosis System

The reverse osmosis system is a popular water filtration method. It particularly works great on fluoride removal from entire house water. A reverse osmosis system is a highly effective method to remove 90-95% fluoride from your sprinkle.

This system can easily filter a huge level of water. It doesn’t require electricity to operate. And that will save money and assure the safety of your family.

Pelican Fluoride Filter

Pelican fluoride sprinkle filters work in 4 stages. It uses bone char that is made of carbon. This filtration system works perfectly for fluoride removal from entire house water filtration. We get bone char from animals’ bones. And animal bones. But we have to be aware that those bones are highly graded. Bone char does attract levels of fluoride because they exchange ions.

By that, this filtration media extracts fluoride from sprinkles. This filtration method is also considered effective like the RO method. Well, we can assume now that the whole house of the fluoride filtering systems can be done by those effective methods.

What Is Shower Filter And Its Working Process?

A shower filter is an essential substance that every household should use. The aqua we use for a shower comes from the locals. And local aqua carries a lot of harmful chemicals and heavy metal ingredients. Shower filters cleared almost 90-95% of untreated aqua.

Without any doubt, you don’t want to use contaminated aqua. To save you from untreated water, using a shower filter would be appreciable.

How Shower Filters Work

Two popular shower filter methods purify contaminated water.

  • KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion)

A formula made of copper-zinc with high purity is called KDF. It’s known as basic redox (oxidation-reduction). The process of KDF removes iron, mercury, chlorine, and other chemicals from sprinkles. This process also works on removing bacteria and pathogens from the house water filters.

Well, KDF media don’t remove organic chemicals. KDF filtering system requires hot water with backwashing to dislodge contaminated sprinkles.

  • GAC (Granular Active Carbon)

GAC is a granular activated carbon water filtration system. This stage of carbon water filtration systems is tested and proven that works on certain chemicals. Organic Chemicals that are harmful to our body are removed by the GAC system. This system is particularly made for removal.

Organic chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide. To be noted, the GAC filtering system does not remove chemicals as the KDF system does.

Why Should We Use Shower Filters?

We have known what a shower filter is and how it works. But the question is why we should use a shower filter? Well, we are here to clear all the requirements. The locals provide sprinkle we use in our household.

Many people suffer skin problems while showering while using the local water supply. Because the local sprinkle is not purified for consumption or use in our body.

The Following symptoms you will notice if you use contaminants types of water for showering.

• Skin irritation

• Itching on all over body

• Red small spots

• Diarrhea

• Nausea

These are the major health issues you might face by using contaminated water so that a shower filter would be a mandatory compound for your household.

Fluoride Shower Filters, Myth and Truth

A  shower filter can’t reduce fluoride from aqua. There are a lot of companies that will offer you shower filters that fluoride removal. But when you use it, you will be disappointed for sure. But some companies offer filters that will remove a minimal level of fluoride. You have to be wise before buying.

There is a relief that one filtration method can remove half of the fluoride. And the method is (Reverse Osmosis) RO method. If you want to know more about the RO method.

Why Shower Filter Unable To  Fluoride removal

Whenever you go for a shower, you instantly turn on your tap. A filter takes time to purify fluoride. Fluoride is the hardest element to remove, and it requires quite a lot of time.

What should you do?

  • Fluoride Detox

If you want to be safe from fluoride in drinking, you should follow fluoride detoxing. It’s like drinking fluoride-free tea. Another great option would be using fluoride-free toothpaste. Fluoride detoxing method is quite good for fluoride removal to protect your health.

  • Reverse osmosis

This method also would be a great option to choose. You can use this method on the shower and entire house filters like water treatment systems to provide gallons per minute.

Tips And The End

Please do not listen to what companies will say about their filter product. You might end up getting nothing by lack of knowledge. Assure everything that you need. Do not risk your life. Before you buy water treatment systems or installation should properly research which filter you need. Always choose filters that match your requirements, stay happy hydrating.

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