Bathtub Water Filter

Either you are going out in the morning, or you came back home after a busy day, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a bath.  Taking a shower is important for your health, but iron, carbon, bacteria in your water supply won’t be beneficial. So, get a clean shower and keep your skin safe from getting dry. It would be best if you had a bathtub reservoir purifier.

How can you install it into your bathroom and much more?  From the types of bathtub water filters to their working process, you will get every information. To get into the deep levels, keep on reading.

Bathtub Water Filter Systems

Water that comes out of your reservoir pipes is full of contamination. Iron, chlorine, chloramines are some of many. You would want these heavy metals, carbon retardants, and harmful contaminants filtered out. Because using unfiltered water for baths can lead to adverse health effects.

A bathtub cleaner is a solution for you to get clean water. It is a small filter that you need to fit in the faucet spout of the bathtub tap.  The filter’s goal is to provide you clean aqua for bath decreasing chlorine levels, aqueous wastes, harmful bacteria, and other impurities.

You can find different types of filters for bathtubs, including faucet filters, chlorine filters, and much more. Some filters varying in price can do just basic filtering, and some can do more.

How to Filter Bathtub Water

Community water systems add different chemicals and water purifier substances to household aqua. But before taking a bath, you would try to improve aqua quality. There are multiple ways to filter bathtub water. Using a Bathtub filter is the easiest and preferred way. Yet, here are some of the remedies to get purified aqua for a bath.

  • Boiling

It is the basic method to purify aqua. Tap water comes with various contaminations like bacteria and other pathogens. Boiling can kill those contaminants, and you can enjoy the water in the bathtub for a hot shower. But it can’t clear out metals like iron and carbon-based waste.

  • Sand Filtration

Sand can filter Liquid in various layers. Sand is a natural carbon filter. It makes the liquid cleaner. Sand produces a gel-like surface that stops any aqua waste from passing through the filter. A slow sand filter is a good option, except the filtration rate is very low.

  • Bleach

We recommend using bleach only if you know your reservoir is unfiltered. Bleach has chlorine in it, so if you are already getting chlorinated Liquid from the supply tap, choose a different method. However, you should know the amount of bleach you can use in Liquid. If you are using the water for a bath, add 4 – 6% chlorinated bleach in every gallon of water.

  • Iodine (Liquide and Tablets)

Iodine can also kill harmful bacteria and toxic contaminations. But it is also a chemical so use only 2 or 3 drops of iodine in few gallons of water. And for your convenience, you can get this type of filter directly from a super shop.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great mineral for us and prevents much threat to our health concerns. It can also reduce the harmful effect of aqueous contaminant chemicals. You can use Ascorbic Acid or Sodium Ascorbate as the source of Vitamin C. Add a teaspoon of any of them and wait for 2 to 5 minutes before taking a bath.

  • Clay

Clay is one of the natural filters, just like sand.  Bentonite clay is preferable. It creates an “electrical charge” that attracts all the heavy metals in the aqua.  It works like a sponge that absorbed toxic chemicals and impurities that can have adverse health effects on our skin.

  • Salt and Mineral

Salt can destroy impurities in the water. Salt can work on all types of water. Especially Magnesium salt used in cleaning bathtub reservoir filtration system. Research says Magnesium and Sulfate are always in a form to absorb in our body. So it also absorbed contaminants from aqua. And health department also recommends Epsom salt for some amazing health benefits.

  • Bathtub Filter

This is the best aqua treatment unit for bathtubs.  The filter has a semi-permeable membrane that lets the aqua pass but grabs all the wastage. When tap water passes through a faucet-mounted filter, most of the heavy contamination levels filter out by the first layer filter. After that, you get a 2nd layer filtering by the carbon filter.

Activated carbon draws lead and other common contaminants. Also, carbon filters clear chlorine, chemicals, and these types of contaminants.  All you need is to install a bath aqua filtration system on your bathtub.

Type of Water Filter for Bathtub

There are various filter types you can get for your bathtub. According to design, you can get

  • Bath Ball bathtub filters.
  • Showerhead aqua filters that can fit even in the kitchen sink’s tap.
  •  Handheld push tap for bathtub.
  •  Reservoir filter for bathtub tap.

Each filter has its unique water filtration system. Also, the filter works according to the types of water you are trying to clean. Some filter has carbon filtration, and some don’t.

Bathtub Faucet Water Filter

Bathtub faucet filters are the easy installing water filtration system for anyone. It comes with a sting that you will need to wrap around the faucet, and it’s done. Yet, some types of filters can be attached semi-permanently by threading. All you will need to do is install it once and enjoy hot water or cold water bath for the next six months.

Most of the time, you would go for a  ball water filter system.  It’s easy to use and has a built-in filter. It may not be possible to change the filter only, but it can take every level of contaminants in your house water reservoir.

Does bathtub faucet water filtration work?

As you will be spending money, this question may arise “does it worth it?” It does. The faucet liquid filters clean most of the contaminants that could cause serious bad health effects. First, the filter takes out heavy metals and larger impurities by physical filters.

On the other levels, it will clean the chemical substances. A very small percent of water may contain some levels of iron or other byproducts, but it can clean almost everything. And the High price range faucet-mount filters will do better than the lower price range ones.

Shower filter vs. bathtub filter

Here most of the people get confused. You may also think you should take a shower filter or a bathtub filter. And are these the same range of products but named different?

Well, in terms of the working process, both are the same. Both shower filter and bathtub filter cleans the water for your bath.

You can install a bathtub filter on the water faucet over your tub. It will take aqua from the source tap and filter it by decrease aqua pressure and release the water into the tub.

The shower filter works the same, but you have to install it into the showerhead or take a filter inbuilt the showerhead and install it in the source of water.


How do I filter bathtub water?

Take two tablespoons of Ascorbic acid or Sodium Ascorbate and put it into what bathtub. Please wait for 3 to 5 minutes, and it is filtered for a healthy bath.

Do water filters help hair?

Yes, a filter takes out heavy metals and chemicals and saves your hair and skin from getting damaged.

Water filter for bathtub where to buy?

If you want to buy a bathtub filter, you have to search for it in the home accessories shops. Also, you can check out Amazon to compare different brands before taking one.


You can find many faucet filters for bathtubs in different price ranges. They worked quite well and were recommended as disinfection byproducts. You should use one if you want to be safe from different types of bacteria and impurities. You will find a range of products to choose from, but we hope our guide will help you find your desired one.

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