Water Filter Pitcher For Dorm Fridge

Getting into a new college is the best time in a person’s life. New friends, new place and especially new environment. But within all these, the problem anyone can face is drinking water. Water is the most required element to stay healthy.

And it’s not rare that water can vary in taste and contamination in different areas.  Tap water in the college dorm room may not be as healthy or match your taste like it is in your home. So, getting a Water Filter Pitcher for the dorm fridge is a safe and worthy option. 

If you can, get good water filter pitchers that fit into Mini – fridges of college dorms. Then you can use them for the time you are completing your degree as a college student.

Water filter pitcher for dorm fridge

As most college students come from different areas, the problems of clean water arising are expected. You have to keep filter pitchers in your dorm fridge to get fresh water at any time. It can cut the cost of expensive water bottles to get fresh water. Because spending a lot of money is not an option for students.

What is a water filter pitcher?

The water filter pitcher is an easy and portable way of filtering water. You can use this to purify your water and improve its taste in a quick time. Depending on brands and models, a water filter pitcher can give you drinkable cups of water in 30 seconds to several minutes.

What is the dorm fridge?

If you don’t know about dorm fridges, that’s also known as mini-fridge. The dorm rooms are supposed to be small. So you can keep minimal items in your room. Besides, you may have to share it with someone else. You can buy a compressed refrigerator from 1.7 cubic feet to 4.5 cubic feet, also known as a dorm fridge.

Types of a pitcher for dorm fridge

As human beings, our body is taking and gives about 70% of water. So you must drink enough water during the day to keep the internal organs healthy. College life is full of hardships. Classes, exams, canteen, PT, sports, the list doesn’t end. Well, that’s the nature of college. But meanwhile, we can’t let our bodies get broken in student life. 

Everyone has different needs. A student who goes to class and gets back into his dorm room needs an introductory amount of water. On the other hand, those who are more into sports and have an athletic body need to drink much more water.

So, if an ordinary student gets 5 to 6 cups of clean water, that’s enough to make him happy. But athletes can’t stay fit with just a couple of glasses of purified water. 

As we talk about types of filters, water Pitchers and faucets are two of their kind: water pitchers and Faucet filters. But any college won’t let a student install a Faucet filter because you have to add the Faucet filtration systems directly to the water sources. 

Therefore, to get a glass of safe drinking water that can fit into the dorm fridge, we have to choose a water pitcher.

Water Pitcher

It is the most common water filtration system for college dorms.  As the dorm room’s size is not like a deluxe bedroom, a student can’t keep a huge fridge. And the mini-fridge in the dorm can handle these small water buckets easily. It may not filter gallons of water, but it will work like a charm and more than an ordinary water filter. 

You can find different varieties in the water pitcher

  •     You can get a small jug-like pitcher that can contain 4 to 5 cups of water.  
  •    A bottled-shaped pitcher that you can put into the fridge and take out into fields. Use this filter water bottle as a reusable water bottle.
  •     Get a Big jar water pitcher if you need a little extra water than your roommates.
  •     Some water pitchers have membranes that filter micro-organisms.
  •     Pitcher water filters also have an electronic indicator that warns to change the filter.

Which water filter pitcher is suitable for the dorm fridge

The water filter pitcher is a potable water supply of clean water. And there are many brands and different types of water filter pitchers available that you can use in your dorm fridge. However, you have to choose the best in all aspects. 

By best, don’t get the idea of the highest price. Choose any filter water pitcher after looking at its characteristics and benefits.  Just for the first and primary thing in any water pitcher, it must reserve 5 to 7 cups of water if you plan to get it for the dorm fridge.


A capacity is a must-look option before buying a water pitcher for college students. 4 to 5 cups for regular students and 8 to 10 cups for any athlete student.

ANSI/NFS qualified

Do you know what are the contaminants in the water you are drinking? The answer must be “No.” Whatever filter you are trying to buy must have the ANSI or NFS certificate. Another trusted organization is WQA or the Water Quality Association. The more, the merrier, as it says. So the more quality test passed, the better.

Replaceable Filters

As students can’t spend a lot of money, replacing things is the best way to cut costs. Getting a filter replaceable water pitcher can stand for the whole period of student life.

Filtration Time

The filtration time is a concerning factor for the dorm fridge pitcher. 6-cup water pitchers should be able to filter within 10 minutes. Get a quick filtering pitcher if you are an athletic-bodied student and want to refill quickly.

Filter Replacement Indicator

This is a great feature to have on a water pitcher. It’s improbable to get the time to clean the water filter very often on college days. And if you get a pitcher with an electric filter indicator, that’s more beneficial.

Taste of water

The water filter that can remove chlorine’s odor and provide a taste of natural water is a must-take.

Food Grade Plastic

As a campus, days can be busy. The last thing you want the smell of plastic in your water. So getting a food-grade plastic material is always recommended.

How to use a water filter pitche

Using a water filter pitcher is easy. No rocket science here. 

  •  First, take the water pitcher out of the packaging.
  •   Take out everything in the container.
  •    Wash it with a dishwasher before first use.
  •   Clean the soapy container with tap water.
  •   Place the filter again on the pitcher and pour the reservoir.
  •   Wait for the water tap to pour into the container so you can drink the clean, quality water from the pitcher.

How to clean dorm fridge pitcher

The more you use the pitcher, the dirtier it gets. So you have to clean it at least every six months. Though the dorm fridge is not like full-sized fridges but the waste that sticks on the pitcher is the same.  So you have to keep it clean if you want to continue drinking the campus water.

  •     Disassemble all the items of the fridge pitcher. 
  •      Use a dishwasher to and rub the container and lid.
  •     Get rid of the mildews; use half a teaspoon of vinegar with a cup of water and wash with a sponge.
  •      Wash everything with warm water.
  •    Keep the reservoir upside down and let the outer parts and filters dry in the air.
  •    Put everything back into the place and continue using it before the next wash.

Final Thoughts

A dorm fridge pitcher should be compact and have a convenient design. Remove the chlorine odor from water and increase the taste of water. As the dorm fridge is relatively small, a 6 to 8 cup water pitcher is ideal for a water pitcher. If you want to enjoy great-tasting water, you have to get a match water filter pitcher for the dorm fridge.

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