What is tap water

Tap water comes from the municipal or geographic area. What is tap water the question is arises when we use it for households, businesses, public buildings etc.

which are needed to use. The municipal area provides it by pipeline network from water tower where has stored. We believe that water is a natural element. The natural source of water is the ocean, river, lake, sink, rainwater etc.

Due to the various pollution municipal area collect from natural sources, store it to remove pollution or treatment in the water point that is suitable for keeping. After purifying the water, they store it in the, e.g., water tower for providing.

Now we can easily say tap water is a network of a pipeline. When we need to use it, we have to do turn on the tap. The geographic area provides this quality water for specific communities to fulfill their demand.

Water treatment system

The water system is not so easy. Doing it entirely has to take some steps such as clarification, flocculation, sedimentation, disinfection, and the last process is filtration. Water treatment is a long process.

  • The clarification system is a primary method that removes the opacity of water and making crystals. It’s chemical and physical methods of water treatment. At first, chlorine dioxide and oxidants break down organic matter such as leaves and other plant material. Aluminum sulfate is used as a primary coagulant. The plant materials are to make larger particles by using chemicals. This is easy to remove by settling, skimming, draining or filtering.
  • Flocculation is the second step for water treatment. It’s a slow process to help to make a flock by stirring. In this way, the small flock is made of larger settable particulates, which are easy to remove by sedimentation and filtration.
  • Sedimentation is the next major process for particles from flocculated. It works for removing suspended solids that are heavier than water. This process can remove ninety percent of the cube from the water. The transparent water on the surface is collect in the filter gallery to clear away staying ten percent of solids.
  • Disinfection is the fourth step for water treatment. For doing this process, the chlorine is to add for disinfection before filtration. Its use to kill all pathogenic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and intestinal parasites. These are pathogenic organisms responsible for waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery and guardians.
  • The chlorinated water is to filter and which the filtration system is. This is the last and major unit process for drinking water. The chlorinated water can be staying some material such as sand, their granular substance and a bed of coal. The filtration system which is removes these particular impurities.

Water treatment with chlorine and fluoride

  • According to the United States Public Health Service (USPHS), the fluoride level is measure every day at the water treatment plant and monthly at the tap to ensure sufficiency. The amount of fluoride has to the range of 0.7 to 1.2 parts per million. The range of fluoride can raise o parts per million from that level. The fluoridated water is helpful for tooth development.
  • Chlorine is an essential element for water treatment. Its use for post-disinfection. The extra chlorine assures that the water remains safe at the end reaches of the distribution system. So, it is to add for a second time for post-disinfection.

The tap water from where come

The remarkable water source in the United States is Potomac, Mississippi, Owens River, Michigan Lake and Catskill Aqueduct. These are about 250,000 Rivers and 100,000 Lakes, lots of reservoirs and variance.

  • New York City collects about ninety percent of its water from Aqueducts.
  • Chicago’s water comes from Michigan Lake.
  • Washington DC, New Orleans and Los Angles collect from the Potomac, Mississippi and Owens River.

Is it safe tap water?

The tap water is safe for daily use, but some common pollution can stay after treatment, such as iron, arsenic, aluminum, copper, lead, herbicides. These are harmful to health. It can damage the liver, kidney by using too much copper.  Lead is more harmful to children’s and pregnant women’s health. Anemias slowed growth; lower IQ is responsible for lead.

This is useable for our daily activities but we should not drink for health reasons. So, we should be more careful to drink tap water. So should use good quality filter for stay safe with better healthy life, maybe iron filter for well water is the best solution at this time.

In the end, although we realized some or less about the contamination of water. We should gather enough knowledge removing contamination and also what is tap water.

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