How to Tell If Water Pump is bad on Washing Machine

You can’t fix your machine if you don’t know how to tell if the water pump is bad on a washing machine. A washing machine can check by going through some easy steps.

A washing machine pump is the central part of cleaning tools. This pump helps the washer by supplying and draining the water from inside the machine. That’s why it is pretty vital to keep noticing your washer pump because most people don’t know how to tell if the water pump is bad on the washing machine.

Generally, a washer pump works two different types of work- water supplying and draining. This task can do in one pump or two pumps as well. With great technology, these pumps wash the clothes and other stuff for cheap electricity.

However, washing machine pumps are replaceable, and you can also fix up any issues in a simple way. But most people can’t be able to do this on their own unknowing. Keep reading this exclusive article to explore more amazing tricks to solve your problem.

Washing machine pump’s work process

Before knowing how to tell if the water pump is bad on a washing machine, let’s learn about the work process. Washing machine pumps have unique technology in their working process. This pump dispatches water inside the machine and drains it after finishing the cleaning. Typically, most washers have one pump to work both types of phases. You can call it two in one also. But some have two pumps for doing individual tasks.

Single pumps have two separate sectors in one machine. One is used for water supply, and the other is for draining. The overhead portion of the pump operates for dispatching. It starts when the machine is running for cleaning. The lower section of the pump drains water after cleaning. These sections are joined with two different hooks.

When the cleaning process starts, the upper pump fills the washtub with water. It forces the liquid to go into the washer tub inlet. After that, the shallow bottom machine forces the liquid to drain into the drain hose from the tub outlet while cleaning is finished. Then it releases the dirty water outside.

Washing machine pump location

Most people are perplexed about how to tell if the water pump is bad on the washing machine. Half of your washer issues can solve if you have the proper knowledge about the washer pump. That’s why it is necessary to keep knowledge about the location of your washing machine pump.

Generally, you can find out the pump on any side of the bottom corner of the machine. A washer shallow machine has two vessels. These two vessels are used for two different hosen. In any washer, vessels and hoses are visible. You can find out the shallow motor’s location by following them.

If your washer can’t drain the dirty water outside the machine, check the shallow bottom machine. It causes when the pump becomes a failure. Again, you can check the manual guide or ask the seller to show you the shallow motor.

Washing machine drain pumps specifications

Both pump system of a washer is equally essential. But the drain pump is more significant. You can fill the washer tub with a water manual. However, you can’t release the dirty water after cleaning manually. That’s why the drain pump has more necessary than others.

Washing machine drain pumps have some specifications. These featuring specifications are significant in telling if the water pump is bad on the washing machine.

A unique tool runs the whole machine. This tool has the feature of running in an inconsistent direction. Cloths, including water and washing agents, begin to spin at the time of cleaning. This time shallow upper machine also spins.

Again, when the spin cycle starts, the drain pump helps the washer push water into the drain pump. Then the drain pump forces the water again and sends the aqua into the drain hose. After the drain cycle, you can release the dirty water.

How to tell if the water pump is bad on a washing machine?

If you’re worried about telling if the water pump is bad on a washing machine, then you’ve to know the testing method of a washer pump first. Otherwise, you can’t find out the real trouble of your machine and also can’t fix-up. Also, you can understand when to replace a water pump from this information.

1. Top load washer pump

Top load cloth cleaner drain pumps are of two patterns- top loading agitator and top-loading impeller. The top load agitator has a long agitator inside. Also, this agitator is the primary source of washing power. On the other hand, the top load impeller uses the impeller instead of an agitator. The top load impeller is high efficient in cleaning more dirty stuff.

However, the testing process of both types of pumps is the same. You have to need an extension cord with a switch to perform this test. Please take off the pump from your washer and set the electoral plugs of the cord in it. By pressing the switch, you can see the pump starts running. If your pump is good, then it runs smoothly. Otherwise, the pump makes noises if it has trouble.

2. Front-load washer pump

Front-load washer pumps are suitable for clothes. It’s because these pumps clean the clothes so gently. Also, front load washer pumps use less water while cleaning. Before the test, your front load washer pump, fill it with water. Then connect your shallow machine with a testing tool. Start it and notice how fast the pump drains water from the washer tub. If it drains water on time, your shallow motor is good. But you have to replace your aqua pump if there found any water.

What are the causes of the failure of a washing machine drain pump?

Most people don’t know how to tell if the water pump is bad on the washing machine. There are many brands and models of washing machines in the market. But the reasons for to failure of washing machines are almost similar in every brand and model. Here we point out the most common reasons for failing a washer shallow machine.

Sometimes, you can find noise issues in a washing machine drain pump. It causes when any hard material or garbage is left inside the tub or somewhere. Primarily coins, papers are responsible for this noise. These kinds of stuff can also harm the other parts and components of the washer. That’s why check the pockets of clothes before putting them in the tub.

If your tub occurs overfilling or underfilling, then there is trouble with your pump pressure switch. Check out the pressure switch or call for a professional. Moreover, the washer doesn’t spin in some cases. The washer pump filter failing and drum hose blocking is the leading cause for this. Even capacitor damage issues can be responsible for not spinning.

Keep checking your shallow washer machine regularly. Otherwise, you can face the early fail of your component.

Troubleshooting in a washing machine

Before going to the repairs, check the cleaner machine very well. Some typical minor troubles can solve at home. You can repair them on your own by following the easy step. Below we give some step-by-step tricks in troubleshooting a washing machine.

1. Run Issues

While you are using your cloth cleaner, be sure that the power cord is connected. Otherwise, you may be confused with disconnect power problems. You can check the voltage and other wires, components. In front-loading washers like Kenmore, you have to keep the tub empty and the washer lid closed. Check the fuse and lid switch cover.

2. Rinse Issues

Sometimes supply valve doesn’t work well. Observe the valve and repair it. The drain hose and supply hose can create a drain trap. Again, bra wire, coins, a single sock, etc. stuck in the tub bearings. Notice the bearing kit can work properly or not.

3. Leaking Issues

A sound plumping system in the washing machine pump assembly is quite significant. Even minor leaks in a bad pump and standard switches can cause various troubles. Also, most often, the tub seal is detected as a defective seal. Pressure switch maintenance, control panel switch, and temperature switch should check properly. Observe all these parts of your machine to prevent leaking.

Best washer pump for your washing machine replacement

From many washing machine brands and models, we recommend here two drain pumps. Our survey says these two are more efficient for washing machines. You can try these pumps while replacing your old ones.

1. Best for front load washing machine replacement: OEM Washer Drain Pump

Technical Feature

  • Brand: LinkEZ
  • Model Number: 4681EA2001T
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds light component
  • Dimensions: 3.9×3.8×4.5 inches perfectly fitted pump

LG front load washing machines have a little different technology than others. If you’re an LG user, you can choose this item for your replacement. This authentic OEM product can easily replace in a few steps.

With the plastic body casing, the pump has excellent efficiency in working. Also, plastic material gives the tool durability. It has a gasket to prevent leakage issues. You can receive this item at a legitimate cost. Also, amazon 100% product authentication is available with this.


  • The pump doesn’t make noises.
  • It has a leakproof feature.
  • At an affordable price, the tool provides you with the best services.
  • This motor doesn’t spin too much.


  • It is only fitted for front load washing machine replacement.

2. Best for any LG washing machine and dishwasher also: LG Washing machine drain pump

Technical Feature

  • Brand: LinkEZ
  • Model Number: 4681EA2002H
  • Weight: 0.7 pounds super light tool
  • Dimensions: 4.5×4.5×4 inches

With high compatible quality, this pump is fitted for most LG washing machines and dishwashers as well. It has an excellent replacement facility so that you can set it by yourself. You have the advantage of checking your replaceable machine number before buying.

This original OEM product can circulate water at a great flow. Both the draining and supplying work are finished by the tool. With mini size and lightweight, it has high durability. Also, it works like a powerful machine. The pump gives your machine an outstanding service at an affordable price.


  • It is a high-quality authentic item for washing machines.
  • You can replace it with your old kitchen dishwasher drain pump also.
  • The easy replacement policy makes your machine faster.
  • The product price is relatively low to buy for anyone.


  • The tool has limitations with some washing machine models. Many models don’t fit this pump.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should the washer drain pump spin freely?

For better washing, you must spin the drain pump freely. The more it spins appropriately, the more your clothes will wash. However, some models have a tiny difference in spinning. It seems there is little prevention in the spinning. 180-degree moves are responsible for this.

2. Why is my washing machine filling up and draining at the same time?

When your valve is faulty, the washing machine fills up and drains simultaneously. To ensure this faulty valve, you have to turn off the machine first. Then observe the tub. Your tub will fill if the valve is okay. Otherwise, there has an issue with the valve circuit.

3. How much does it cost to replace a water pump on a washing machine?

The life of a washing machine pump can last long with the proper maintenance. Water leaks, water flow, or water level issues don’t make it too costly to repair. But it takes almost 300$ to 400$ in the whole water pump replacement.

Final Thoughts

A washing machine makes our life easier. But for the correct maintenance, the user must have to be aware of the user guide. These cleaners are mostly made of foreign objects. That’s why people can’t understand the solution tricks.

Users search on the internet to tell if the water pump is bad on the washing machine. And most of the time, they go bust to fix up the glimpse issues even. Check the user guides or take some advice from professionals.

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