How to Unfreeze Well Water Pump?

A frozen well water pump is considerable trouble for residents in winter-based countries. That’s why knowing how to unfreeze well water pump is necessary to them.

The well water pumps lift the liquid from the deep level to the underground pipes. Also, the frost level is lower than other ones most of the time. It is pretty usual to become a well water pump frozen in this situation. Besides, the pipelines are faced with the different temperatures suddenly. That’s why the water system can’t work properly in winter.

Though the unfreezing process is quite annoying, you can do the task easily by following some easy steps. There are some significant reasons for being a frozen water pump that should keep in mind in this context. Also, you will learn the signs of the icy water well.

Why does the well water pump freeze?

Generally, a well water pump is situated at the deep level of the earth. So, it is logical that the cold weather can’t reach the depth. Now you may wonder why the well becomes frozen. Even though it situates at a deep level, there are some significant causes of being frozen.

Frost line

Frost line is the essential thing in water lines for winter-based countries. For troubleshooting the well, you have to keep knowledge about this limit. The Frost line is the temperature limit that makes the pipeline system frozen and blocked. Different areas have other temperature limits for the frost line. Also, the water level remains at various points inside the earth.


Among the reasons for being a good pump frozen, the temperature is the one. Typically, the cold temperature can’t reach the water line that is situated inside and indoor pipes. The cold weather attacks the visible channels of the system. Again, if the temperature is falling too much, it can reach the inside parts.

System material

Your system should have temperature-proof material to prevent a freezing situation. These types of materials can resist the temperature from making the well frozen. So, if you want to avoid your well, it is the best idea to buy the temperature-proof material.

What are the symptoms of a frozen well water pump?

If you want to fix your water pump and take steps earlier, you must first learn about a frozen well water pump’s symptoms. These symptoms allow you to find out the actual cause for being frozen and give you an idea about the troubleshooting process.

  • A frozen well can’t lift water supply. That’s why the faucet can’t release water flow. Even sometimes, the taps can’t open properly.
  • You can find the ice piece around the faucets and pipelines.
  • The temperature may block the main pump inside the ground in a difficult situation. The pump can’t start and remain entirely blocked.

How to unfreeze the well water pump?

Step #1: Open all the faucets

Since the pump is blocked and remains off for a long time, it may become clogged with air and water pressure. You have to release all the air from inside by opening all the faucets. Also, if your system isn’t frozen completely, you can get a little cold water.

Step #2: Place a freeze space heater

In this step, you should check the whole system to see if there is remaining any frozen water pipe or not. After that, place a water heater in those areas where the frosts are primarily visible. However, it would be best to spread the heat source all over the frozen pipes. You can use the heat gun and propane heater also.

Step #3: Start the main pump

After thawing the whole line, it now turns to start the jet pump. When your water tank is filling, test your faucets and check whether the warm water comes out or not from the thaw pipes.

How long does it take to unfreeze a well water pump?

Answer: It takes a maximum of 1 hour to a minimum of 30/40 minutes approximately to unfreeze a well water pump. However, your system can take more time as the time is dependent on the connection between the heater and the pipeline. Also, the frosting limitation can increase the time to unfreeze.

What temperature will a well pump freeze?

Answer: For being a frozen well pump, it needs 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius temperature. Also, a well pump remains at the risk of freezing below the ideal limitations temperature. It is better to take the necessary steps before getting frozen completely. 

The Bottom Line

Freezing pipes cause an additional hassle for winter-based countries. Also, the sudden blockage can disturb your daily life badly. However, some special tricks can help you in this situation. It would be best to make the necessary preparations before the monsoon fell quickly.

Besides, all the unfreeze equipment should keep near your hand so you can take the proper steps immediately after freezing. And now you know the whole thing about how to unfreeze well water pump.

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