Best 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

Can you ensure you get pure and healthy water in your faucets, showers, taps, or even a washing machine? If your house doesn’t have the best 10 inch whole house water filter cartridge installed, then your healthy lifestyle is in vain.

Untreated water can be a threat to your healthy lifestyle because it contains sediments, contaminants, etc. So, install a water filtration system for the home and ensure purified water by removing chemicals, minerals, and other harmful germs.

When buying the best water filter cartridge for different filter types, you need to consider the material, quality, customer reviews, and price. Continue reading this guide as a reference and choose a home water filter according to your preference.

Who Needs the Best 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge?

The most accessible water source for a household in the USA is tap water. Sadly, tap water contains various contaminants, particles, impurities, and other pollutants. Drinking this water will be unsafe and cause many health problems to the elderly, pregnant women, and children. Moreover, since tap water consists of hard minerals, it can damage your tiles or other surfaces if used for cleaning purposes.

In this case, you will require a water filter cartridge. The most popular type is the whole house water filter system.

As its name suggests, this system filters out all the impurities from your home water. You can also call it “the Point of Entry Systems.” After installing the best 10 inch whole house water filter cartridge in your main water line, you will get filtered water from all your water points.

In simpler words, your faucets, toilets, showers, kitchen, laundry, or other water dispensers will deliver safe and healthy water. Generally, this system needs to be installed before installing the heater system. It is because both hot and cold water also gets treated.

Home water filters are ideal for high contamination in tap waters. These filters are efficient in filtering all pollutants and providing safety to use drinking water.

Install a 10 inch water filter and get your tap water filtered effortlessly.

Our Top Pick

Best Overall: Pureplus PP10BB-CC 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge: Heavy-duty replacement filter for filtration models of GE, Culligan, Whirlpool, Pancake, Dupont, American Plumber, etc.

Best for Water Capacity: AQUACREST FXHSC Whole House Water Filter: With 30,000 gallons of water capacity, these replacement filters deliver effective service in reducing chlorine, odor, color, and sediments.

Best for Micron Rating: ICEPURE CTO Water Filter for Home: Innovating Sintering technology helps to trap 1-micron of particles quite efficiently.

Best for Filtration Stages: iSpring F3 Whole Home Water Filter: 3-stage filtration system maximizes the filer’s service life and efficiency.

Best for Flow Rate: Culligan SCWH-5 Whole House Filter: Due to the 4 GPM flow rate, you will never experience less water pressure. It ensures stable water pressure throughout your home water appliances.

Best for Versatility: Waterdrop WD-W80 House Water Filtration System: Impressive features such as reasonable structure and a remarkable filtration system allow it to be used for versatile purposes.

Best for Residential Areas: AQUABOON 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge: It is designed to let your family enjoy pure water by providing treated water at home.

Quick Comparison of the Best 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

Carefully go through this comparison table. You can compare between the enlisted models quite easily and the chart will help you make a precise decision.

ProductKey SpecificationsMore Info
Pureplus PP10BB-CC 10 inch Whole House Water Filter CartridgeMaterial: Polypropylene Micron Rating: 5-micron Flow Rate: 2.5 – 5 GPM Water Capacity: 30,000 gallons External Testing Certificate:RoHS, NSF, WQACheck Price
AQUACREST FXHSC Whole House Water FilterMaterial: Polypropylene Micron Rating: 5-micron Flow Rate: 20 GPM Water Capacity: 30,000 gallons External Testing Certificate: NSFCheck Price
ICEPURE CTO Water Filter for HomeMaterial: Carbon Micron Rating: 1-micron Flow Rate: 2.5 – 5 GPM Water Capacity: 13,000 gallons External Testing Certificate: NSF, RoHSCheck Price
iSpring F3 Whole Home Water FilterMaterial: Ro Micron Rating: 5-micron Flow Rate: 2.5 – 5 GPM Water Capacity: 15,000 gallons External Testing Certificate: NSF, ANSICheck Price
Culligan SCWH-5 Whole House FilterMaterial: Carbon Micron Rating: 5-micron Flow Rate: 4 GPM Water Capacity: 15,000 gallons External Testing Certificate: WQA, ANSICheck Price
Waterdrop WD-W80 House Water Filtration SystemMaterial: Polypropylene Micron Rating: 5-micron Flow Rate: 3.5 – 5 GPM Water Capacity: 30,000 gallons External Testing Certificate: REACHCheck Price
AQUABOON 10 inch Whole House Water Filter CartridgeMaterial: Polypropylene Micron Rating: 5-micron Flow Rate: 5 GPM Water Capacity: 20,000 – 30,000 gallons External Testing Certificate: NSFCheck Price

7 Best 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Review 2023

Read this in-depth whole house water filter cartridge review and choose the one that suits your requirements.

1# Best Overall: Pureplus PP10BB-CC 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

Care for yourself and your family by installing the Pureplus PP10BB-CC water filter cartridge. It is durable and safe polypropylene and meets or exceeds the BPA certificate. Efficacy is the most impressive feature of this water filter replacement cartridge. It effectively removes bacteria, particles of 5-micron with the help of its 3 PP layers and a coconut-shell activated carbon layer.

Depending on the water contamination level, 30,000 gallons is the water capacity of this cartridge filter. This helps you save replacement costs as its duration is 3 – 6 months. If the filter is dark brown, you need to replace it. A light brown color is normal after 4 months. The filter works significantly till its duration.

This high-performance filter cartridge removes roughly 99% of sand, dust, chlorine, sediment, and other components. It is designed with a pleading structure that makes the filtration area larger than other sediment filters, making it much more efficient. The filter cloth captures more particles as it uses 3D weaving technology.

Additionally, it is best inline water filter for refrigerator as you can use it in any 10″x4.5″ Big Blue filter housings. Also, it is compatible with other 4.5 x 10 filter systems of Whirlpool, CE, Culligan, Kenmore, etc. 

What We Like

  • Durable and BPA-free polypropylene construction
  • Efficiently removes chlorine, odor, and color
  • 95% filtration effect
  • Comes with all the required certifications
  • Offers purer and fresher water than ever

What We Don’t Like

  • Incompatible with well water

2# Best for Water Capacity: AQUACREST FXHSC Whole House Water Filter

Install the AQUACREST FXHSC Water Filter Cartridge in your home water mainline and prevent clogging of water pipes. This way, this filter will help you increase the service life of water equipment. You will never notice pressure drop as this cartridge ensures stable and continuous water flow. It provides 100% protection for all your water appliances.

You don’t need to replace this filter too frequently as its service life is 3 to 6 months. Also, water capacity is quite high: 30,000 gallons, compared to other whole house water filter cartridges. However, its service life depends on the war quality. Furthermore, the pleated structure has a larger specific surface area and larger absorption capacity to reduce contaminants in water effectively.

The impressive feature is the BPA-free construction that confirms your and your family’s health safety. Its polypropylene filter media offer great-tasting water by eliminating dust, harsh contaminants, fluoride, chlorine, odor, etc. This filter performs as advertised and traps particles greater than 5-micron. 

The installation and operating process are extremely effortless that you won’t require any tool. It is better priced than competitors with equal or better filtration. Overall, this is a pretty long-lasting filter cartridge and worth every penny.

What We Like

  • Polypropylene filter media to minimize harmful water contaminant
  • Carefully designed for easy installation and DIY task
  • NSF certified for additional satisfaction
  • Let you enjoy pure water right at your home
  • Provides stable water pressure

What We Don’t Like

  • Unavailability of description label

3# Best for Micron Rating: ICEPURE CTO Water Filter for Home

The ICEPURE CTO is made of lead-free materials, effective filtration, advanced technologies, authoritative certifications and comes at an affordable price range. These filters are an ideal water filter replacement for eliminating rust, sand, scale, etc., from your tap water. At the same time, they improve the durability of your home water equipment.

Before replacing, this model cleans a maximum of 13,000 gallons of water with a flow rate of 2.5-5 GPM. Moreover, it can filter out as small as 1 micron of particles. Furthermore, its innovative Sintering technology removes 99% odor, chlorine, and taste, providing you tasty water all the time. It is designed to provide a safe drinking water experience for your whole family.

In order to ensure optimum performance, these filters go through 5 testing and inspection stages. These cartridges are manufactured with carbon, which is why they are excellent in cleaning tap water. It comes with a larger surface area for deep filtration, making it more efficient in eliminating impurities.

You can use these filters in any standard 2.5” X 10” RO Unit whole house filtration system. The cartridges last 6 months minimum. Undoubtedly, your home water dispensers will deliver safe and filtered water with them.

What We Like

  • Effectively remove sediment, odor, chlorine, and color
  • Comes with a 3-layer density construction
  • Made of BPA-free materials
  • Offers high-quality filtration
  • Rigorously tested and inspected for optimal performance

What We Don’t Like

  • Water capacity is less compared to its rivals

4# Best for Filtration Stages: iSpring F3 Whole Home Water Filter

iSpring F3 whole house water filter cartridge uses high-quality coconut shell carbon and highly compact fabrication tech. This construction type maximizes filtration efficiency and filter life. The CTO carbon block filter removes up to 99% chlorine and is highly effective on other contaminants like industrial chemicals.

The filtration system of this whole set is designed with 3 stages. As a result, this whole set filters out impurities of different micron sizes on each stage. In the first stage, PP sediment filters treat the water and eliminate dust, dirt, sand, and rust. The other 2 filter stages are carbon block filters. These 2 stages remove harmful chemicals, VOC, chlorine effectively.

With different stages, this set is promised to provide odor-free and tasty water in every water appliance of your home. At the same time, it improves the quality of the residential or city water. The most important thing is; these filters are manufactured with manners, less work, and maintenance required. You can set it up in your main home water line without taking assistance from any specialized tools.

After installing it, your whole home water filtration system will perform smoothly for sure. When these filters are used with a RO system with a RO Membrane, the RO membrane is the filter that removes or reduces lead content from your source water.  

What We Like

  • Made with food-grade polypropylene micro-fibers
  • Removes sediment, dirt, dust, rust, and scale particles
  • Reduces unpleasant chlorine, cloudiness, and odor
  • Ensures high-end purification with carbon activated filters
  • Long-lasting filter life

What We Don’t Like

  • Compatibility issues

5# Best for Flow Rate: Culligan SCWH-5 Whole House Filter

Like all Culligan water filter whole house systems, the Culligan SCWH-5 is certified by WQA and ANSI. It assures that the filters are well-efficient in terms of their responsibility. This set removes impurities and contaminants from your main water line. Thus, your water equipment remains clog-free and offers many years of service.

What impresses us most about this model is the 5-micron rating and 4 GPM flow rate. This way, you will always get water free of rust, scale, dirt, dust, sand, and the like. Simultaneously, like other standard 10 filter cartridges, it improves water taste and eliminates odor. Due to these features, it is ideal for water filter cartridges 10 inches for residential homes.

Many people cannot determine the reason behind damage on tiles, floors, or other surfaces that come into contact with water. Since it provides chemical-free water, surfaces of your bathroom and other areas remain damage-free. Maintaining the filters is straightforward as well. Simply replace the cartridge after 6 months to get safe and pure water all the time.

The water capacity of this filter is also impressive, which is 15,000 gallons. However, the capacity depends on the contamination level. Additionally, the filter’s lifespan is 3 months, which helps you save on buying replacements.

What We Like

  • Protects water equipment and plumbing from contaminants
  • Treats water deeply for capturing minerals and rust
  • BPA-free material construction
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Straightforward installation process

What We Don’t Like

  • Shorter lifespan

6# Best for Versatility: Waterdrop WD-W80 House Water Filtration System

Untreated and impure water is unsafe for you, your family members, and pets. At the same time, untreated water is the reason for the substantial buildup of clogs in the home water appliances. Thus, it can reduce the service life of your home water dispensers. In this case, the Waterdrop WD-W80 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge is the best solution.

This filtration system is engineered to install in the main water line of your house. That is why it is responsible for eliminating debris, rust, scale, silt, and other sediments. Due to its 5-micron rating, these filters remove microorganisms pretty effectively. Moreover, it minimizes the presence of chlorine and improves the taste of water.

Compared to other whole house pleated sediment filters of this price range, the water capacity of these cartridges is relatively high. It offers clean and refreshing water of up to 30,000 gallons for 3 – 6 months based on the water quality. We recommend you replace your filter at the given time to ensure the filtering effect.

Furthermore, it is perfectly fit and compatible with Waterdrop WD-WHF21 and the original 10” X 4.5” water filtration system. The premium material and reasonable structure ensure you have always got crisp and pure water.

What We Like

  • Reduces bad taste and odor
  • Provides healthier and beneficial minerals
  • Compatible with most 10” X 4.5” filters
  • 6-month lifespan
  • Versatile

What We Don’t Like

  • It provides little discolored water

7# Best for Residential Areas: AQUABOON 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

The AQUABOON 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge eliminates bad contamination from your water. Thus, you can have refreshing water wherever you go. It provides your home with pure, healthy, and clean water by using its premium sediment filter. This Aquaboon water filter is one of the best 10 inch whole house water filter cartridges for its reliable and great features.

Pleated sediment filter cartridges effectively trap down resin, rust, scale, and other sediments, increasing the service life of water appliances. Since it is made of 100% synthetic filter media, extra savings are guaranteed because the cartridge never contaminates faucets, showers, tiles, floors, etc.

Another worth-mentioning feature of this filter is that water taste gets improved after the treatment of the water. In addition, it traps sediment materials that guarantee damage-free plumbing and water appliances. Moreover, it is eligible for improving the water quality. With it, you will always have treated water at home.

So, if you decide to install this best water filter for rental apartments, be sure your family will enjoy purified water. However, it would be best to replace the filters within 4 – 6 months to ensure efficiency. Based on the water contamination level, it delivers 20,000 – 30,000 gallons of fresh water.

What We Like

  • Efficient in filtering smaller particles up to 5-micron
  • Reliable whole house water filter replacement
  • Effortless to install and use
  • Made of food-grade polypropylene
  • Effectively traps scale, dust, dirt, rust, etc.

What We Don’t Like

  • It might clog up quickly

What are Different Water Filter Cartridge Types?

Depending on the filter media/media type, the best 10 inch whole house water filter cartridges are different. The most common examples are:

Activated Carbon Filter

It is the commonly used home water filter cartridge to eliminate many chemicals, impurities, and other pollutants. Carbon filter has a perforated membrane, helping them filter chemicals of 81 types and partially 51 types of chemicals.

However, carbon filter has a drawback as well. These filters are inefficient in removing inorganic contaminants, viruses, bacteria, dissolved minerals, metals, etc.

Sediment Filter

Sediment filters are 3 different types:

  • Standard sediment filters
  • More delicate sediment filters
  • Ultra-fine sediment filters

All types clean rust, debris, sand, silt, etc. Multi-gradient design is the prime feature of sediment filters. More importantly, each layer has a different micron level. As a result, removing a wide range of particles is much easier with sediment filters.

These cartridge types are found especially for the first part of the home water supply system. Thus, other layers remain damage-free and clog-free.

Iron Filter

Dissolved heavy metals and minerals are common contaminants found in water. However, all filters are ineligible to eliminate these pollutants easily.

Since iron filters can effectively clean water by removing minerals and metals, many US citizens use them. However, it is not as efficient with other contaminants.

UV Filter

Water may contain the deadliest and microscopic impurities such as bacteria, viruses, etc. UV filters kill these contaminants.

This water filter has a chamber, and water passes through it and is exposed to UV. This UV ray kills bacteria and viruses. Also, stops spreading or reproducing the deadliest water impurities.

Buying Guide – Considerations to Follow When Buying the Best 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

Having the best water filter cartridge installed in your home water line means your entire home is getting fresh and clean water. Before buying the best filter, there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind.

Consider the below factors when making a buying decision.

Filter’s Service Life

How to determine the service life of a whole house water filter cartridge? The straightforward answer is, check the label to learn how many gallons of water your selected filter can treat before replacing it.

You should buy a long-lasting water filter cartridge for your home water line because it saves long-term costing. However, you must replace it on time to avoid cross-contamination.

Generally, standard water replacement cartridges come with a water capacity of 10,000 – 35,000 gallons of water. Also, the replacement duration is 3 – 6 months. With both features, you will have a combo of affordability and efficacy.

You will find a home water filter with a 10-year replacement duration which treats a million gallons of water. Those filters are expensive and suitable for industrial use.

Number of Stages

In simpler words, more stages mean more freshwater.

We recommend you select a whole-house replacement filter with a multi-stage filtration system. These filters will remove a wide range of impurities, contaminants, and other sediments.

Usually, a multi-stage filtration system traps chemicals, heavy metal, rust, chlorine, and sediments efficiently from several gallons of water. Also, some models consist of optional filters like a post filter, UV filter, and a water softener. All these filters assure that your water is perfectly treated and safe to drink or use.

Simultaneously, multi-stage filtration systems offer convenience. It means you won’t need to buy multiple filters to clean your home water.

However, it doesn’t mean that single-stage filtration systems can’t provide the required result. These options are also efficient, especially if you know the targeted areas.

Flow Rate

You need to consider the water flow rate before buying a whole house water replacement filter. So, how to measure the flow rate? The number of filtered water in the gallon unit in 60 seconds is called flow rate.

3 GPM – 5 GPM is the average flow rate of the whole house water filter cartridge. Remember, depending on your water usage, you need to determine the required flow rate for your selected model.

Micron Size

This is another important factor that you must not overlook. Most water softener filter cartridges are eligible for blocking contaminants larger than 5-micron. A fewer model is also available with a 0.35mm micron rating. These models are superior to 5-micron rating models.


Learning about the certification is effortless to understand the equality of a home water filter cartridge. Certification guarantees that the replacement cartridge is healthy and safe for use.

You will love to know that all reviewed models in this guide are certified by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). This certificate is for food safety and sanitation to promote public health. Also, ensure the selected model has a WQA seal. It confirms the filter’s purity.

Effortless Installation

Installing a filter cartridge replacement is extremely easy if you have little plumbing knowledge.

Get the system installed by yourself in order to save a few bucks. However, if you are not confident enough, call a professional and install it. Nobody wants frustrating performance from their whole house water filter cartridge.

What are the benefits of the Best 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge?

A home water filter system offers several benefits to your life and health. Let’s figure out the benefits of a 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge.

Provides Pure and Healthy Water

No matter how reliable your water utility is, pollutants, chemicals, heavy metals, minerals, particles, contaminants, sediments, bacteria, and the like can remain in your tap water. In this case, filtering these impurities are mandatory as they can be deadly to our health.

Every water dispenser of your home will release pure and healthy water after installing home water purification systems. You need to install it in your main water line, and the system will eliminate all contaminants quite effectively.

Improves Taste and Reduces Smell

Don’t think that eliminating pollutants is the only feature of a water cartridge filter. Chlorine and sulfate can make water tasteless and smelly. The home filtration system reduces the % of these chemicals. Thus, improves taste and reduces the smell of water.


Many people opt to use portable and smaller house filter water systems. Unfortunately, these options are less efficient than a 10″ water filter. The second one effectively removes harmful germs from the water before the water enters your house.


Buying bottled water becomes unnecessary when you have the best 10 inch whole house water filter cartridge installed in your home. With this, you are promoting yourself as an eco-friendly person.

When should I replace my whole house filter cartridge?

Replace your whole house filter cartridge within 3 months. However, filter change can be extended to 6 months depending on the water quality. Check if your model is clogged up and consider replacing it accordingly.

5-micron vs. 20-micron: which one is better?

Undoubtedly, 5-micron is better than 20-micron. The opening of 5-micron filters has a smaller opening, allowing them to filter smaller particles. In contrast, 20-micron filters come with a larger opening. So, solid particles will pass through it quite easily.

Do I need to clean the best 10 inch whole house water filter cartridge?

Since whole house water filter cartridges are replaceable, they don’t need maintenance. All you need to do is, replace them within the given period.

Last Notes and Top Choice

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 7.2 million Americans suffer from water-borne diseases. Isn’t this number eye staggering?

This seems, the best 10 inch whole house water filter cartridge is a must-needed item in every home. It provides clean, fresh, pure, crisp water by removing harmful impurities from the water. This item offers an outstanding drinking water experience.

Our top choice for the best 10 inch water filter cartridge is the Pureplus PP10BB-CC 10 inch Whole House Water Filter Cartridge. The filter is made of BPA-free polypropylene, making it eligible for eliminating sediments like sand, dust, rust, dirt, and many more. Also, it provides a service maximum of 30,000 gallons of water based on the quality of the water, enabling it to provide long-lasting service.

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