What Type Of Sealant Is For Water Pump In A Car

Nowadays, there are a vast amount of uses of automobile engines for various transport and other purposes. Automobile engines need a proper coolant system for cooling them. Most of the time, these engines use water pumps as a cooling system. Consistently, the water pump gaskets or other equipment related to the machine may become a leak.

Usually, there are also many gaskets in a car’s engine. The gasket has leakage issues sometimes. Then it would be worth it for your pump if you used a suitable gasket sealer to prevent these leakages. Again, some head bolts are often creating leakage or something like this.

This time, you have also needed to use a sealant. In this situation, you should choose a suitable adhesive for sealing your car.

The Symptoms of Water Pump Failure in a car

  • Water pump downfall is a big issue for a car. With a failed pump, the coolant system can’t work perfectly. And then the engine is being so heated. Below there are some failure symptoms of a water pump that may help you find the defect.
  • Coolant leaks underneath the water pump For timing belt-driven water pump, check the hydraulic ram underneath the drive belt in timing covers.
  • Noise is coming from the engine, place a screwdriver near the water pump area. There is an increasing vibration sound that you can sense. Also, when the engine is on, a growing and metallic sound are coming from the engine.
  • Flawed gasket sealants and gasket material If the gasket adhesive is terrible, when over heat a water pump, the seal may leak. Check the coolant on the ground.
  • Thermostat housings and radiator cap A bad thermostat and radiator cap may occur in a leakage issue.
  • Seized water pump and burning smell Drop the serpentine belt from the water pump pulley to spin it. The water pump may seize. Also, you can get the smell of rubber burning.

Replacement process of Water Pump Seal

The most common issues in water pump leakage are the seal leak and replacement. The faulty seal needs to change. Otherwise, you may face many problems. Let’s go to know about the replacement process of water pump seals.

  • At first, open the water pump head. Push in the boltholes and open the head bolts.
  • You can see an impeller in the motor. Put it out carefully from the pump.
  • Then take out the old faulty seal along with the stone. You can use a screwdriver if needed. Wash the head hole with water thoroughly.
  • Take the new seal and insert the seal stone in the hole. The seal has two sides. One is stone, and the other is rubber. Put the rubber side below in the spot. Then push it well with a stick or something like that. Never use any sharp things to move it.
  • After that, put the seal in it. The seal has two types of sides. One side is more extensive while the other side is smaller. Put the smaller side in the hole, and lastly, push it with a stick to set it well.
  • If the seal sets well, then fix the impeller. Push the long side and check not to have any gap. Fit the bolts and place the head cover. Use the torque to set the head bolts.

Techniques to Stop a Water Pump Seal from Leaking

You can stop a leak in a water pump seal rather than replace the seal permanently. It can do it in different ways. Generally, a hydraulic ram seal protects your pump from leakage problems of liquid or engine oil. It also prevents the overheating issues of your vehicle’s power plants.

Most of the cars have manufactured with water pumps which can go 160934.4 km or something quickly. But it is customary to leak the seal after going in less than 160934.4 km. It is not mandatory to replace a new seal in such situations.

Sometimes, using only a liquid spray, a rubber sealer can seal the small leaks. You can utilize a thermostat RTV silicone gasket maker. It is also applicable for the water pump replacement. Silicone gasket makers are also ideal for sealing.

Sensor-safe RTV silicone gasket material is helping well for this kind of leakage. It is also safe to use in these components. You can select a non-corrosive, sensor-safe RTV silicone gasket material or silicone sealers to secure the leak.

Types of water pump sealants for a car

There are various categories of water pump sealant products for a car. Below, some sealants are described.

  • Single mechanical seal

This seal is very familiar to everyone as it uses in pump heads mainly. These eligible products have subsisted several vital parts. It has a rotating assembly, a spring, a motionless part which is for cooling, etc.

  • Double mechanical seal

This double mechanical seal has consisted of two seals. One seal is to keep up or hold the liquid and the other one is to prevent the liquid as the mating surfaces may remain clean.

  • Cartridge seal

The cartridge seal has some advantages. It never needs to be set before or the spring set on the section.

  • Lip seal

This type of sealant is used chiefly for rotary parts of pumps of rotary parts to keep up the liquid.

  • Expeller seal

Expeller seal is using for flush, shaft, rotating parts, impeller, etc.

  • O ring

O ring seals are using in valves, miniature valves, or casings. It is a round-shaped seal and has a cross-section.

  • Flat gasket

This seal is generally used to attaching the different metal-based parts.

The kind of sealant to use on the gaskets and bolt threads in a car

Sealants are famous for using gaskets and bolt threads. The kind of adhesive depends on the character of the gasket you are utilizing. There is a multitude of gaskets in the marketplace. It generally uses the thermostat gaskets, a valve cover gasket, rubber gaskets, manifold gaskets, etc. Typically, you can use the blue devil products for your vehicle.

Blue Devil products are also secure for your engine. This sealer is so easy to use in a car gasket. Permatex super blue is suitable for car gasket sealer. Besides, Permatex 82194 ultra gray rigid high-torque RTV silicone gasket maker can bond the small leaks quickly. The bolt threads often can create leaks.

For the bolt threads, you can use thread sealers to repair the manual. These thread sealers can seal the leaks of water pump bolts. But it would be worth it for your pump if you could use the leakproof seal for your vehicle’s water pump gasket and bolts.


Gasket installation in the new water pump is very standard. All type of sealant is not relevant for car or other vehicle’s gasket. You have to choose the proper and secure sealer for your vehicle. Otherwise, your engine may fall at risk of damage. I want to suggest you select the perfect one. You might pick out the blue devil products as they are safe for the engine.

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