What Is A Water Pump

In today’s world, the invention of the water pump has been a huge blessing for us. In fact, it is something that is so helpful to us but we don’t know much about this advantages. Have this question ever arise on your mind, ‘What is a water pump?’ Surely, the answer is yes and you’re not the only one to think that!

A Water Pump is defined as the device or pump for transporting and bearing water. It uses both mechanical and hydraulic principles during the course of the piping system which helps in creating sufficient force for future uses.

The early civilization has brought them in a structure where the pumps are used in all range of works including housing, farming, movement of air, or even manufacturing use. Often these pumps and dewatering systems are helping in controlling water pumping or removing water from different construction sites, industrial sites, tunnels, riverbeds, or even our own buildings.

The Origin Of Water Pump 

The pump was mainly founded in 1736 by the Zürich Pewterer. But in 1766, 20 years later, the description and mechanical analysis were published for the first time by JH Ziegler, with Wirtz’s consent which was powered by a stream wheel with the purpose to raise water for a dye house in the Limmat river. 

The Purpose Of Using A Water Pump

Many often ask, ‘What do a water pump do?’ The purpose here mainly is to move water from one place to another. Now, it can be applied to construction, sewage plants, or even dealing with water wells. Many think that the water pumps are limited to just construction sites, but they are widely used on residential, commercial, or industrial sites for dewatering.

There are times when we critical problems or mechanial failure in the drainage and water system, especially in the rainy season. There can be a flood in sites, surface erosion, or any other damage due to heavy rain. This is where the modern water pumps work just like magicians.

There are few types of water pumps which work in different ways. Some of the systems are installed to work as long term solution; they don’t need the notice to arrive and are always ready to kick into action while the others only appear when any damage appears. 

A modern water pumps help in operating the machine to ensure effectiveness. Finding a water pump supplier has become way easier than ever as they’re located every nearby.

Different Types Of Water Pumps

Water pumps can be of several design and quality which also makes the working ways different from one another. Here are the most popular designs of water pumps which helps in transporting water-

Ground Dewatering Systems

These systems are mainly used on construction sites. More specifically Ground dewatering system is used in buildings that have floors below groundwater or sea level to save from unexpected situations. Sum pumping is the most common dewatering system here.   

High Head Pumps

There are sites that may need uphill fluid pumping over a long distance. High Head Pumps mainly does the job. They can easily provide high-pressure water pumping in larger flows.

Portable Pumps

Sometimes, people may need a portable pump for instant water pumping- this is what Portable pumps are for. They are small and can quickly pump water out of a boat, basement, or any other place. 

Silenced Pumps 

Silenced Pump produces a low-level noise which it is named at. It can easily control floodwaters, sewage, or other needs in the apartments. 

Submersible Pumps 

Submersible Pumps are also known as Sub pumps. With the hermetically sealed motor, it can easily submerse in the water. It is typically used on residential, industrial, or commercial sites for water extraction purposes. 

Common Types Of Motor For A Water Pump

Force is so important for a water pump to transport water from the starting point to the ending destination. And pumps need to have enough energy to apply these forces, where the motors really help in! 

Here are some common types of these energy sources- 

  • Manual
  • Wind  
  • Electric 
  • Gas  
  • Water 

Manual and electrical motors are used in household or garden tools, where petrol pumps can use any!

How To Choose The Perfect Water Pump?

Selecting the perfect pump can be easy for you by considering these factors below- 

  • Material: Weather-resistant pump material.   
  • Power: Horsepower & the flow rate. 
  • Type of Fuel and Motor: Should be electric motor, gas, hydraulic, diesel, otherwise manual.  
  • Head: The total head expulsion, otherwise utmost pump power, appropriate for the use. 

How Do Water Pumps Work?

Like you saw before, there are several types of water pumps. Some of them may provide the same service but operate in different ways. The motor is the core of a water pump which is used to convert rotational energy or kinetic energy and to turn it into the fluid flow.

What Water Pump Do I Need?

If you’re looking for a water pump, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the size of your operation, its size, and the distance it needs to cover. If these factors are clear in your mind, it would be easier to choose the water pump.

Here are some specifications which will make it much easier to choose which water pump you may need-  


You may have already guessed by the name what this is about. Here submersible pumps are submerged under the water which they transport. These pumps can pump a lot of water in just a matter of time although don’t build high pressure. There are also types of submersibles like some can pump dirty water like the drainage system. And the special ones can be used on boats or mobile homes. 

Don’t pick this if you need a high-pressure application system. However, a special submersible can do the job for you. 


These water pumps are used for transporting clear water from well. Its special slim design helps it to pump deep well. Pressure will not be a problem for these types of pumps as they can create a lot. 


In the garden, people use different types of pumps. There are self-priming garden pumps to suck the water through a hose. It is installed outside the water. However, if you like to use one hand moveable pump to move pond water to operate in the garden then Pond Pumps can be a great choice. Lastly, the Rain barrel pumps are used in irrigating the garden while Cistern pumps do the same. 


Domestic waterworks helps by supplying water in the garden. It is also known for minimizing the use of drinking water. Here in the pipe system, high pressure is a must to maintain.  


There are times when there is no power supply in an electric pump. For these types of situations, a petrol motor pump shows its work.  


Bilge is the deepest part of the ship’s hull. Bilge pumps are used for pumping water out of it as water can enter the bilge through a leak or high waves. And this needs to be pumped right away with the bilge pump. 

Considering the location of your site is also important. There can be noise restriction or any other issue to handle. This is where a silent water pump can help!

The Final Verdict

Therefore, it is all about water pumps which we use commonly for dewatering or removing surplus water. These have been a massive addition to our day to day life. Although selecting the right water pump can be difficult as the marketplace is so adaptable and plentiful, following the right guideline can make the process way easier!

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