Water Filter For Turtles

Turtles are considered to be the most popular pets in almost every part of the world. However, caring for a home turtle is extremely difficult and requires special care and maintenance also. Turtles themselves are not very expensive, but their habitat can be very expensive. A big controversial topic and is turtle tanks filtration.

You need to ensure a healthy living environment for the aquatic turtles. The turtle tanks must have a filter with some features according to their size. Many people are perplexed about which filter is the best and what’s suitable for your pet turtle.

Filtration systems for turtle tank

Features of types of filters are also different. Maybe one quality of a filter is suitable for your tank’s size, and another feature maybe not. When you purchase a tank or aquarium filter for turtle or fish tanks, you need to find out which one is the best product for your specific scenario.

It also depends on the tank’s location, size, budget,  and above your needs. Filters for turtle tanks keep away unwanted hassles and keeps the tank water clean.

There are two main types of filters for turtle 

  •  Mechanical  
  •  Biological
  • Mechanical filtration physically separates particulate matter from the water column. These remove uneaten food, turtle poop, fish waste, or any other things of that matter with intelligent pump technology and a high-quality filtration system.
  • On the other hand, biological filtration stages determine the number of water changes you have to do. How Many turtles you can keep together. They convert ammonia to nitrate.

Ammonia which is very harmful to your turtle

Levels of ammonia and chlorine, and that’s the thing you don’t want in your tank. It can cause harm to fish, turtles, or any other aquatic animal. The pH level and so far the water is set 100 percent water of the tank have to change to start the nitrogen cycle.

All over again, make sure that you add proper amounts of chemicals to the water and allow the water to cycle. Your hundred percent water change always takes the opportunity to clean and healthy living environment for turtle tanks.

Dirty water is very harmful to your pet turtle. You must maintain the water quality of your turtle tank. When fish and turtle waste break down, they decompose into ammonia, and ammonia is very harmful, even in pretty small quantities.

So you have to wait until bacteria colonize on your filter media, and they convert that ammonia into something a little less harmful.

Choose from a variety of filters suitable for your use

When choosing a turtle tank filter, keep in mind the size of your tortoise tank and its water holding capacity. Clean water is more critical for the proper care of turtles. You have to do it for adequate maintenance with innovative pump technology. It will be compatible with modern technology and feature.

 Hang-on back filters

Now we’re going to be talking about hang-on back filters. These are also trendy choices for people keeping pet Turtles in a giant aquarium or tank. They are hanging on the back of your aquarium. There is a tube for the intake of water.

The water passes through a couple of different media forms, and then it returns through a little waterfall-like lip over the top. Some pros of the hang-on-the-back turtle tank filter are that it’s relatively cheap.

You can customize what you put in the back of it for media. So you don’t necessarily have to go with the bit of replacement of carbon cartridges that they come with; it’s relatively efficient considering how much space it takes up.

It filters the aquarium or tub or enclosure, and also maintenance is pretty straightforward most of the time. You have to do is pull out the cartridges, throw them out and replace them.

The only con is with this product is that sometimes people keep their water levels low, and therefore the water returning to the aquarium. Not everyone keeps their turtles in an aquarium. So sometimes it isn’t easy to put this filter on the back of a tub or an odd-shaped enclosure.

Internal filter

Now the filter we’re going to talk about is the internal filter. Internal filter a box with some slits. At the bottom, where the turtle tank water enters and is pulled through some mechanical filtration. Then it passes through some media, which acts as your biological filtration. There are ceramic rings in it. These provide surface area for the bacteria to grow then.

It might pass through some more media and some other types of things, but ultimately mending a pump will push the water out back into your enclosure. Some pros of internal filtration are, the filters usually lovely and compact and fit well in your turtle enclosure.

This filter type is a bit more efficient than the hang-on back filter because it forces water through the media a lot. It is this filtering system that is also great for smaller setups. You can get internal filters and all different types of sizes. 

It’s just a good all-in-one filter now. The only real cons about interior filtration are that it takes up the swimming room for your turtles and clogs easily.

Canister filter

Canister filters are special. All of the filtrations take place outside of the aquarium. They have an input tube and an output tube, and this pumps water into a small container. That has multiple media layers in it for filtration after it is pushed through the press pumped back into the aquarium or enclosure.

Canister filters don’t take up any room inside the turtle enclosure .all the filtration is done outside. They’re relatively simple to set up, and they’re the most efficient filters available on the market compared to any other filter that you can buy.

The only issue with them is that sometimes this is a little bit pricey. Overall these are fantastic filters if you can afford them and get them set up correctly.

DIY filtration system

Last but not least, we’re going to be talking about DIY filtration. All the filters that people built themselves at home. These filters have multiple chambers for mechanical-biological and sometimes even chemical filtration.

The good things about DIY filtration are that it’s 100% customizable according to your tank sizes,  volume and water as much as you want. You can even use it in a larger tank. Which media do you choose to put in your filter you want.

It is the absolute cheapest option available compared to any other aquarium filter kit to keep your turtle tank clean. Most of the time, if it’s done right, it is highly efficient and effortless to understand. The only negative things about DIY filtration are that it takes time to build, and sometimes it doesn’t look great.

However, if you make it suitable and cover it up, it’s definitely worth the time, and it’s worth having highly efficient filtration. Now the choice is yours. Choose the filter that seems excellent and useful for your turtle tank. Make your own choice and set up appropriate turtle filters for your turtle tank.

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