RV Water Pump Leaking

Almost every RV owners face RV water pump leaking troubles. But most people fail to repair it. Here are the solutions to every type of leakage problem in an RV.

RV water pump leaking is a familiar issue in RV living. In an RV, the owner expert has all the facilities to live life inside the RV. RVs (Recreational Vehicle) are amazing content for amusement. Yet, leaking issues can hamper the lifestyle.

It is too much annoying if your RV shallow machine leaks while hanging out. Even your plans will fail for it. Also, outside city areas can’t provide enough residual water to use. This leak creates a troublesome situation by leaking the whole fresh-water tank.

Most RV aqua motor leaks because of some unexpected incognizance of owner expert. City water inlet goes bad sometimes as water leaks from the whole fresh-water tank. Almost all RV aqua motors have their leakage protection system. But many times, it fails to protect the whole system from leakage.

What is the aqua line inspection?

The aqua line inspection is a system of examining the whole system for RV water pump leaking. Through this process, all faults of the aqua machine come out. All the components of the RV aqua system are checked carefully and found out to solve them.

An aqua line inspection is very important for RVs. While you are planning to go for a hang out with RV, take an aqua line inspection. This aqua line inspection gives you more safety from any unexpected and sudden trouble in your trip.

Generally, the process is related to all the visual components of the shallow machine. Faucets and hose checked carefully as these tools are leaking very fast. Other equipment also checks visually with the help of a rebuild kit.

Differences between PRV and PSV in the pipeline

The PRV( Pressure Relief Valves) and PSV(Pressure Safety Valves) are pressure-reducing tools. These tools are using as a pressure reducer when it needs. Both tools find in various factories and other areas where it needs to reduce pressure.

RV aqua pump has low pressure in general. But when an RV shallow machine runs, sometimes the pressure inside the machine increased gradually. This pressure can’t go outside the machine and causes harm to the shallow pump. PRV and PSV take this responsibility to release the extra pressure from the pipeline. They save the system from RV water pump leaking trouble.

There are some differences between both tools. But the main difference is the response system of the valves. PRV can open up gradually to release the pressure outside. Meanwhile, the PSV has a fixed or determined pressure level to the response. When it reaches the suitable pressure, it starts working.

Why is the RV aqua pump leaking?

RV shallow machines are leaking for many reasons. If you can find out the actual reason for leaking, you can repair it quickly by following some tricks. Here we describe some major leakage reasons of an RV shallow machine.

Faucets leak: Most of the time, actual RV faucets are not connected to the pipeline accurately. Then the joints leak aqua when you turn on the machine.

Fresh-water tank leak: Fresh-water tank uses for containing fresh aqua to supply in the whole RV. Sometimes, you can find leaks in the fresh-water tank as well.

Wires and fuse: These tools are part of the whole aqua system and also can causes leakage. Even wrong electrical wires interrupt the power connection of the machine. The loose connection of the pump fuse can cause water pump failure.

Water pipe: Pipelines can have a hole or crack. It creates leaks in the pump motor or other areas. Even camper connections with taps have this trouble. Loose joint attachment is responsible for it.

How to check RV aqua pump leakage?

If you want to check out the leakage problem, you must observe the whole pump housing inside the RV. At first, turn on the shallow machine and check the valve or other pipelines. RV aqua pump won’t shut off. The holding tank can leaks aqua. You can find out the leak easily by noticing the aqua without the release points.

The most effective way in RV aqua pump leaking is the RV water pump running continuously. When a shallow machine has leakage, the machine is always running. It happens because the inside water pressure becomes imbalanced if it has leaks or cracks.

Another way is to check the electrical connections and RV aqua pump switch. Also, overheating and bad water pump noise are the causes of RV leakage trouble. These are the signs of a bad pump. You can notice these situations in your leakage trouble. Take proper steps to solve these.

RV water pump leaking when connected to city aqua

City aqua connection is given with the hose clamp. But this link sometimes is being weak as it drains aqua from the connection root. Fresh-water tank also impacts in this situation. City water pressure works on the camper. Pump cycles link with the city outlet connection.

Generally, in the holding tank, the water supply is maintained by a fresh-water tank. And the city connection works with the hose. The pipe drains the aqua when the pressure switch is on. But the liquid starts leaking if the camper and the plastic hose have any leaks.

To fix this trouble, you should change the camper and pipes. The kitchen faucet is related to city water intake. Observe the kitchen and repair it as soon as possible.

How to repair the leaks on the RV aqua system?

Every leakage problem has a solution. You need to find out and have to repair it quickly. Water lines have the most leaks. Because, when it leaks in the water pump outlet, the shallow machine runs always.

At first, detect the leak and fix it with a gauge or seal. Tap and camper leaks can be fixed by rubber or plastic seals. Minor cracks also can solve by this type of seal. If it doesn’t work, change the pipe with a new one.

You have to empty the whole system from aqua before taking any steps. Check valve and drain valve carefully. Make sure the hot aqua tank is also empty while fixing. The power supply and power converter should also be connected.

Sometimes, the master switch has some trouble. It can’t work properly. That’s why the whole management system faces difficulties. Make sure the pressure switch is okay when you seal a leak.

RV water pumps replacement

We preferred replacement to temporary repair when your pump is going so bad. Follow the steps of replacing your pump.

  • Firstly, close all the power supply connections or master switches of the machine. Then find the actual aqua pump in your RV. The wastewater tank should close.
  • Make sure the whole system is empty. After that, open the old machine from the camper.
  • Remove the 12v fuse and replace the older machine with the new one.
  • You can find the wires with the power plant. Set it with your pump. Sometimes, the pump has an organized plug. Just connect it to the socket.
  • After that, check the valve and fixed the pressure level. Then it comes to the pressure switch. Turn on the pressure switch and fixed the pressure. Now you can use the shallow machine.

Best tools for preventing leaks

RV water pump replacement costs can reduce if you use effective tools in leakage rather than replace your pump. Many aqua pump outlets provide various types of tools. These are quite helpful to protect your RV Park from a leak.

But there are also so many useless products in the market. Be careful with these products unless your money can waste. We recommended our two top pick products. These two are very useful to fix your RV water pump leaking trouble. Let’s go to check them out.

1. Best for city water connection: Camco (40055) RV city water pressure regulator

Technical Features

  • Brand: Camco (China brand)
  • Model: 40055
  • Dimensions: 1 × 1 × 1 inch brass pressure regulator
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces easy portable city aqua connector

If you have a budget crisis, you can buy this pressure regulator for your RV unworriedly. It reduces the high-pressure aqua supply by fixing pressure levels 40 to 50 pounds in city connection. The tool protects from leaks in the plumbing system of any RVs. At an affordable price, the tool is perfect for any travel trailer.

Brass material consists of the body of the regulator, which is safe for drinking fresh-water tanks. Any 3 inch or 4-inch garden hose is perfect to fit with this pressure regulator. The power of controlling and fixing the liquid pressure level gives more security to the plumbing system. It has the certification of low lead content (CSA).

Most leakage trouble occurs when the lines come in contact with high-pressure liquid coverage. With a lead-free certification, this pressure regulator can handle constant the pressure level. You can prevent leakage easily when you can control the high-pressure liquid coverage.


  • It can secure the plumbing system from intake hose failure.
  • The regulator fixed a pressure level to prevent high pressure.
  • Users can get it at the lowest price.
  • The plumbing system will become easy and long by the regulator.


  • It can use only for outdoor works.

2. Best for camper and hot water tank connection: Flair-It RV water pump leaking plastic seal

Technical Features

  • Model: 16435
  • Dimensions:  3.58 × 3.19 × 0.79 inches plastic seal
  • Weight: 0.317 ounces mini faucet fixer

Faucets and campers have the most risk of leaking. This soft rubber seal can protect the joints from leakage completely. People who have RVs and just pond of to travel with this vehicle can keep this item. It is a must-keep thing for those who have an older camper.

Though the seal best fits Flait-It, the product dimension fits in other faucets and campers. The plastic and rubber construction gives the tool more perdurability. Rubber makes the seal elastic and fitted for any situation. It is a food-grade, toxic-free tool for your faucets and campers. Your RV water pump leaking trouble will solve by using it.


  • The seal is an excellent solution for any cracks and leaks in the plumbing system.
  • This housing plastic seal has the elasticity to fit every situation.
  • It has an affordable cost to fix any tap or camper leak.
  • Old campers of RVs are also sealed with it.


  • It is only suitable for minor cracks or leaks.

Final Thoughts

RV pump leaking is quite normal in RVs as the whole system is running under pressure. When the pressure level is too high, it can’t go out. Then it creates leaks inside the pipelines. Also, the pressure switch sometimes works badly.

Some signs can inform you about your machine’s health. Follow the signs and always be ready to fix the RV water pump leaking problems.

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