How To Replace A Shower Head Water Filter

The water that comes to your home from the municipality is filtered heavily before sending it to your reservoir. That chlorinated water is not good for your skin and hair. Heavy aqua can make your hair dry and also damage the root. It also makes the scalp dry, which leads to hair fall problems.

Also, a heavy reservoir is bad for the skin, which can cause eczema, allergies and acne, and much more. Apart from using a shower head filter, you can avoid these situations. But a dirty filter is much worse than chlorinated aqua alone. If you are not sure how to replace a shower head water filter, This article will help you.

What is a showerhead Water Filter?

A shower head water filter is a small device you can place between the shower pipe and the shower filter head. The heavy reservoir contains chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals as well. The reservoir recycles the used aqua every day and sends it back to your home. 

  • The reservoir is saving the environment to keep the balance of the aqua but can cause harm to your health. So, for your convenience and to enjoy younger skin and stronger hair, the idea of a water filter shower head came in.  You can place the device in your shower cap and enjoy normal aqua on your scalp and skin.
  • Most municipalities use choline to purify reservoirs. That is an excellent disinfectant but not a good element for our skin. It takes away the moisture of our softer skin, making it dry and resulting in itchy skin.
  • Chlorine is also harmful to your hair. One of the most common reasons for hair fall is heavy aqua. The municipal aqua source can contain heavy metals, which are also bad for hair and bodies.
  • The shower head water filter works as an aqua softener. One device can filter thousands of liter of aqua for a long time. And we can enjoy a clean reservoir in the shower and keep our sensitive skin and hair in good condition.

It is mostly made of carbon and works just like a regular drinking water filter. But the drinking water filter adds some more level to filtering, like killing bacteria by reverse osmosis and something else. Here the shower heads reservoir filter works to make the aqua lighter from harmful chemicals particles.

Process of Changing a Shower Head Filter

You can attach a shower head with a filter directly to your aqua pipes. But when it comes to change, it might be a little confusing. Besides that, you have to know when it is time to change the item. Let us understand the process of Shower filter replacement.

  •       Remove the shower head or shower mount from the shower arm.
  •      Twist opens the Shower head mount to take out the shower heads water filters.
  •        Now open the shower filter.
  •       Take out the old shower aqua filter cartridge from the mount.
  •       Put the replacement filters so the mesh side faces the shower arm and works with the aqua source.
  •       Close and twist the shower mount to cover the shower filter. Fix the shower water filters back to the source of the aqua.
  •      Start your shower and keep it running for some minutes to wash out any carbon dust.
  •       It will filter the heavy aqua and look like discolored aqua. That is the result you want.

When do you need to change the showerhead filters?

You need to understand when you need to change your filter. A showerhead filter can work for a certain long time. As it filters more and more chlorinated reservoirs and harmful chemicals, it gets dirtier and improper to use. Here are few things to look at when your shower filters need to be changed.

Dirt in the chasing

 If you notice your water feels itchy or feel sands in the reservoir, open the chasing immediately. If you find that the chasing is full of debris, it is time to say goodbye to your old shower filter cartridge.

Leaking Shower Head

While you are in the shower, if you see a reservoir leaking around the head, then it’s time to take a look. Usually, any shower filter has three leak seals. If you find all the seals are broken and the reservoir is spilling around, then it’s time to change your water shower filter cartridge.

Discolored Filter

 After every six months, you should look into the water filter. Even your shower reservoir looks clean. You must check the filter in a half-year period. If you find any decolorization inside the case and the filter itself, it needs to go.

Discolorization of water

 Whenever you install a new shower filter replacement cartridge, it will supply discolored water. It is normal for a newly installed filter. But that should not stay long. Usually, it takes a minute or two for the reservoir to return to normal condition.

But while you are waiting under your shower to get soft water over your skin and get a healthy bath, if you get a discolored reservoir. That means your water filtration system is not working properly. It’s time to add a new inline shower filter to the reservoir supply for your bathroom shower head.

How the shower filter works

It’s working on the KDF or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion method. Eventually, it makes the reservoir chlorine, chloramine, and other synthetic chemicals free while the reservoir passes through the filter. That works in the drinking water filters as well.

KDF is a zinc alloy that infuses the chemical in the reservoir. Chlorine, chloramine, fluorine, and heavy metal can cause harm to your health. But the filter brake these items into a non-reactive item. So they won’t penetrate your skin no matter how long you are taking a shower. 

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion converts chlorine to a chloride ion. That is beneficial to both our skin and the environment.  When chlorinated aqua passes through the KDF filter, the two metals (copper and zinc) create an electrolytic reaction. And the result of that reaction converts the chlorine into chloride ions.

It also filters heavy metals like iron, which leads from the household water supply. It makes contamination into an aqua-soluble item that comes out of the tap water. If you think an extra device can build up a bacteria factory in the showerhead, you must know it’s an anti-bacterial item.

Carbon water filters are good for drinking cold water filters. But if you are into different types of showers like a hot aqua bath, it is not a good filter to add a carbon-based shower water filter. In a condition of high temperature of the reservoir can degrade the function of carbon-based Showerhead filters.


How long do showerhead filters last?

Usually, a shower head filter can take up to 10000 gallons of the cold reservoir to filter. The average lifespan can be six months. But on the choice of your brand and condition of uses, the filter can work for eight months at least.

Can an inline Shower Filter make water soft?

Soft aqua can keep hair soft. So you might look for a reservoir softener water filter. But though companies claim shower aqua filter makes water softer, it is not true. If you want to make the water soft, you have to go with another type of filter.

Can shower filters increase water quality?

A shower head shower filter can increase the household aqua quality a little. It won’t do a huge margin than regular aqua from the actual supply, but it will remove synthetic chemicals and improve quality. So it’s a plus point to maintain good health.

Final words

Well, if you want healthy skin and keep softer hair on your head, you should use a showerhead filter. But if you don’t want itchy skin or dry skin, you also need to maintain it well.

Besides, Heavy metals and chemicals are not good for our health and our bodies. So here is how to replace a shower head filter and why you should do it. Now it is your time to take steps to change the replacement filters.

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