How to Make an Air Lift Water Pump

If you want to know how to make an airlift water pump, you must learn about the tool first. An air pump works with the air compressor and liquid expressed.

An airlift water pump works through the airflow. This method is a new invention of science. Like another pumping system, air pumps are also effective. Our content will give you an idea about how to make an airlift water pump.

At present, the natural energy resources are decreased to fulfill our demand day by day. It is because we use non-renewable energy regularly. But airlift pumps utilize the air from nature and pumps aqua. With excellent efficiency, these pumps provide you with perfect services.

Nowadays, aquaponics and biofloc technology use this shallow machine in various tasks. Liters of water can clean with an air pump. Compressed air and water pressure are involved in this pumping system.

What is an Airlift Pump?

It is essential to know an air pump before you learn how to make an airlift water pump. An air pump’s performance characteristics are outstanding in high water levels. In a garden, there has a garden pond that is perfect for using air pumps at home.

The air pump works on two broad bases. One is fluid release, and the other is air entrance. Vertical pipes of the shallow machine are the central controller of the pump. When a solid enters into the lift pipe, the air pressure of the bottom forces the liquid to lift. After that, liquid can bring out from the aqua basement.

The Story Behind the Innovation of airlift water pump

The air pump is a fantastic invention of Glenn Martinez. He studied and researched for years to create this innovative tool. After so much hard work, he can generate the idea of a pipe-to-pipe air shallow motor.

He applies the fantastic technology in many garden farms and aquaponics. In aquaculture, air shallow machines are now widely used for water pumping. This method uses the potential energy from the air and supplies maximum efficiency.

Once, he got an offer to make a shallow airlift pump for a school. However, this tool took quite a lot of cost to create for a school. So, he found out a new process to make it. And this form of the air shallow motor is the updated version now.

Airlift pump construction

Generally, the performance of airlift pumps is good in the deep well. In an aquaculture system, this tool works through a straightforward operating mechanism. In this pump outlet, there are two pipes to use. One is a riser pipe called the water suction pipe or tube. This pipe delivers aqua from the water source. However, the other one works as an air inlet.

4-foot tall airlift tubes are joined with a hole. This air injected hole size matters in the fitting of the pump outlet. There use sand or other solids to force the liquid out. The sand flow rate should keep at a minimum balance.

How does the airlift water pump work?

If you want to know how to make an airlift water pump, you should also know how it works. The facts will help you to pick the worthy raw components for the tool. To make a shallow air machine, you don’t need too many things. Two-piece of pipe, one compressor and a supporter are enough to make a general air motor.

The pipes are being submerged tube when the whole content sets down to the aqua. The submerged tube is now ready to run. This time compressor sends pressure to the air pipe, and the riser tube lift aqua within the delivery times. Also, the Air compressor controls the air mass flow rate.

A simple operating mechanism gives the pump an effortless look. The whole mechanism is working through the air inlet and liquid outlet. Whenever the riser tube makes empty, another submerged tube outlet force the liquid to fill the vacant.

In a word, air volume fraction helps the fractions of water to move current upward. That’s why the pipe diameter is very significant in air shallow machines.

Difference between a water pump and an air pump

There are several differences between a regular aqua pump and a shallow air machine. It is quite a vital part of knowing how to make an airlift water pump. The essential destination of both tools is equivalent. However, the main distinction is in the work process.

Mainly both shallow machines are working through two different energies. Aqua shallow motor works in aqua, and shallow air motor works in the air. Inlet water mass flow rate is maintained in the aqua motor. On the other hand, the air motor is covered by the air mass flow rate.

A compressor in a water tank provides air or aqua to the main motor. Again, a shallow aqua pump needs electricity. But you can use the air pump with and without electricity also.

Many times, the speed rate depends on the rate of water. On the contrary, air motor speed rate depends on the airflow of the air volume fraction. The distribution of air volume also affects the speed.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Airlift Pump

You can use an air compressor pump where the traditional pump being failed to use. And it is the best advantage of using an air motor rather than a conventional water pump. In an airlift, you need the electricity for running the compressor only. But in general, pumps are using too much electricity to run.

Some places are not suitable for high energy consumption areas. These areas are pretty perfect to use an airlift pump field. You can replace a 40-watt compressor air motor with a 100-watt conventional water pump. That’s why solar panels provide good services when you use an air motor tool.

When the question is the comparison of efficiencies, both pumps are good enough. But like other shallow motors, air motor has some disadvantages also.

Performance of airlift pumps can’t serve well in high water flow rate cases. Air motors need a high compressor running energy. If you want to get a high flow rate simultaneously, you have to provide more energy to the compressor.

A low rate of compressor speed gives you the minimum flow rate, which is not enough for work. It happens in some situations. In that case, your cost may become rise. That’s why you should use the typical aqua motors in this situation.

Necessary materials for Your DIY Airlift Pump Design

Before we discuss how to make an airlift water pump, take a note of the material list. This material list will assist you in understanding the process of a DIY airlift pump design.

  • PVC pipes are the main element in this technology. It would be very effective if you had 110 feet PVC pipes.
  • Knitted nylon rope or cable line. Nylon ropes can tight the joint more.
  • A couple of good caps for the PVC pipes.
  • One box of screws that are made of stainless steel. These are used to join the holes.
  • Two stainless steel clamps or supporters for the submerged tubes. A supporter holds the two tubes tightly.
  • Two elbows that are in a different measurement. This measurement should accord to the pipes.
  • One rolling duck tape for enduring the joints.

How to make a PVC airlift water pump at home?

There is the whole process of how to make an airlift water pump. Follow the steps and make your air motor at home by using some simple materials.

  • At first, make a hole at the bottom of the outlet pipe. Then joint the air compressor pipe with it. The pipe will help the air to create air bubbles. These air bubbles create a mixture with the water column.
  • Attach the compressor at the top of the compressor pipe. Remember, you have to secure the compressor with a supporter. Otherwise, it can fall apart from the pipeline.
  • Use the screws where it needs to tight the joints.
  • Elbows and tapes are also helpful to make the joints strong.

Usage of airlift pump in aquaponics and biofloc

Aquaponics and biofloc are the most innovative technology in the fisheries. These systems are using to cultivate fish in an artificial environment. Generally, for this technology, you have to make a pond of artificial stuff.

As it is a stagnant system, the users face many problems. The sludge issue is the most challenging task to deal with in aquaculture or biofloc. This fish tank water pump creates for the volume meshes under the aqua.

Air motors can quickly relieve you from this sludge issue. Also, the oxygen level remains at a reasonable rate when you use this pump. It keeps the oxygen level at a constant rate.

Nowadays, the air motor is very common in aquaculture gradually. Even it’s an effective technology in fish cultivation.

Best quality equipment for making an airlift pump at home

Now you know how to make an airlift water pump at home by yourself. Here we also recommend some quality products that will help you to build your tool. Check out for better knowledge.

1. Best for use in all types of water suppliers, including airlift pump: Source one polycarbonate 1″, 1/2″ diameter airlift PVC tube

Technical Features

  • Material: 1-inch diameter longer pipe for aqua supplier
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces unbreakable PVC tube
  • Dimensions: 48×1×1 inches clear airlift tube

This professional-quality product gives your airlift and other aqua pumping tasks a durable service. It has unbreakable and bearable features that keep your tool more efficient. You can easily use it in your airlift projects.

Moreover, these clear polycarbonate tubes are more vigorous than glass and acrylic. The tube can fit in any environment and also underground. Lightweight and Lexan material makes it the best PVC in the market.


  • The intricate texture of the tube gives your tool more power.
  • It is so light to bear.
  • You can use it in school and office work also.
  • This tube can fit in any environment and temperature.


  • You can’t use it in industrial work.

2. Best for joint pipes in aqua pumping: SharkBite 3/4″elbow for pipe joints

Technical Features

  • Brand: SharkBite
  • Material: PEX, Brass
  • Weight: 5.9 ounces durable light tool
  • Dimensions: 0.56×4.88×8 inches connector

In any aqua contribution, there need the best connectors for the pipeline. This durable brass connector has two sides that can connect with two pipes. It is leak-free and fitted for any brass, PEX, PVC pipes.

Moreover, this lead-free tool supplies pure aqua in any aqua contribution. The connector is a 90-degree elbow fitting. You can get it at the lowest price with the best quality.


  • This compatible connector can connect your pipes without leaks.
  • It gives you the best services, at an affordable price
  • Brass material that gives you a lead-free aqua supply.
  • You can use it in the hydraulic heating process as well.


  • Only fitted for 1/2″ diameter pipes.

Final Thoughts:

Air aqua motors are a great invention of science. With this technology, aquaculture gets so much help in aqua pumping. Pumping aqua through electricity is quite expensive in this sector. But you can use air motors for lifting aqua at an affordable cost.

This innovative technology of aqua lifting remains unknown to most people. That’s why we should give information to people about how to make an airlift water pump.

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