12 Volt Water Pump With Pressure Switch

A 12-volt water pump with a pressure switch is a DC running 12-volt pump. The pressure switch of the pump controls all the liquid distribution management.

Water pumps are discovering in various models and manufacture for different purposes continuously. A 12-volt water pump with a pressure switch has been used for many jobs. But it is widely using in RV’s for inside aqua transportation.

12v aqua motors are helpful as it doesn’t take too much electricity.  Also, the pump has a fuse as protection. An RV (Recreational Vehicle) needs a sound aqua distribution system for comfortable use. Generally, RV can’t provide so much power plant for serving aqua or other tasks. That’s why these 12v water pumps are an excellent choice to use.

RV pumps supply aqua to the sinks, toilets, and other tap points from the fresh accumulator tank inside the vehicle. This 12v shallow machine is good enough for this task. Below, we have given the detailed facts about the 12v pressure switch aqua motor for RV’s.

Categories of Various RV Water Pumps

RV’s are the essential part of camping. Without an RV, your traveling can’t be more accessible and smoother. In an RV, all types of basic arrangements are available inside so that travelers can enjoy the trip.

Freshwater systems are an essential part of a trip. On a journey, you might face some difficulties with a city water connection. That’s why it is reasonably necessary that your RV water system must have a sound pumps system. RV shallow machines are generally of two types.

1. 12V water pump

A 12-volt water pump with a pressure switch can be said a perfect choice for less power is providing RVs. It gives you the most satisfactory service with less power consumption. You can use it in your RV with less battery power and a better valve pressure switch. But for its low battery power, the aqua stream rate will not become so high. The pump works at a minimum speed. You can’t do heavy deals with it.

2. 24V water pump

24-volt unit aqua motors are pretty powerful than 12V motors. As it is 24V, it needs more power to run. If your RV is significant, you can keep it on your choice list. Because it provides you with a reasonable flow rate and work speed. Also, you can use it for heavy works in big buses, trucks, etc. When you can maintain a continuous power connection with the shallow machine, you can use 24-volt pumps for your RV.

What is a 12-Volt RV Water Pump?

12v shallow machines are carrying 12-Volt units of power. It is generally used as an RV external motor. Additionally, 12-volt aqua motors are also found in the best water pump for Cummins 5.9 list. The battery of the aqua motor has 12 power voltages. 12v aqua motors can use in marine works, filtration purposes, and solar-powered pumping processes. With an excellent pressure switch, you can control the engine as your need.

The water flow rate of the motor is at a medium level. But this machine serves good quality liquid flow while using. Typically, it can pump 17 to 55 psi through running perfectly. Internal bypass technology gives the motor a fantastic feature. A user can control the flow rate only by pressing the pressure switch.

In an RV, a 12-volt water pump with a pressure switch fits accurately. When a tap or aqua point is opened, fluid quickly comes out from the faucet. And also, it doesn’t provide aqua when the tap is closed. The whole system maintains a balanced pressure inside the pipelines. However, for taking the services, there is a condition to turn on the pressure switch always.

Working System of a 12 Volt Water Pump with Pressure Switch

The working system of a 12v shallow machine is a bit different from the traditional aqua motor. It has a pressure switch which is the central part of the machine. Despite having an electric and battery connection, this motor runs basically under a bypass valve pressure technology. This bypass valve system manages the full function of the aqua distribution. Pressure balance is highly maintained inside the entire shower system and pipelines.

Generally, when a faucet opens, the motor starts, and the engine is closed when it closes. Now the question is- how does it possible? Or how does the whole process work? A 12 Volt water pump with a pressure switch is like a diaphragm or membrane water pump. The entire system has 3 to 5 chambers. Each chamber is separated with a bypass valve. When necessary, the valve opens automatically with high pressure.

These types of shallow motors are working in a wet situation. Because the primary purpose of these pumps is to move liquid from one place to another, when you run it in a dry case, the motor has the risk of becoming a pump failure. When you open a tap, low pressure seems inside the system. Low pressure creates an empty situation with high volume. Then the high-pressure liquid comes to the lower area and fills it with aqua. And this is how the opposite problem happens when you turn off the tap.

Do You Need a 12 Volt RV Water Pumping Machine?

A 12-volt shallow machine is too good for your RV as it has more minor power consumption features. Most people use small or medium size RV for going on a trip. But medium size is preferable. Medium size RVs can’t take a high load of power consumption. Because these size RVs don’t provide much power source for heavy tasks. In this situation, we recommend you choose a 12-volt water pump with a pressure switch for your lovable RV.

Again, if your RV is quite extensive, you can choose a 24 volt or bigger water pump for your RV. Big RVs are providing a suitable power source and continuous electricity connection. You can use it easily with a great flow rate of liquid.

What are the Advantages of 12 Volt RV Water Pumps?

There are many advantages of 12 volt RV water pumps over other ones. Let’s check out the benefits of keeping a 12 volt RV aqua motor in your RV.

  • With a 12 volt RV pump, you will get a continuous aqua supply in your camping.
  • It gives you a reasonable flow rate (gallons of water) of liquid while using.
  • The motor doesn’t waste electricity. Even it has the feature of excellent energy consumption. That’s why you do not lack disquieting about power management. You can use it in a low power source also.
  • Camping with children will be more comfortable as the shower system is straightforward.
  • This shallow machine is so reliable and also durable. You have the advantage to utilise it for ages. But make sure you can maintain the user manual properly.

How to Make a 12 Volt Water Pump with Pressure Switch at Home?

You can make a 12v shallow machine by managing some essential goods at your home. Here are the processes of making a 12v shallow machine on your own.

  • At first, take a motor that can afford 775 efficiencies or more.
  • Take a PVC pipe and make it plain. You have to heat the pipe for making it flat.
  • After that, measure the motor on which side there the bolts are available.
  • Cut off the plain PVC pipe according to the round side of the motor. Take two slides of the PVC. Mark the bolt holes in the PVC and prick them with a drilling machine. Set it with the bolts on the impeller side of the motor.
  • Take a black rubber sheet and place it in the bearing on another edge of the motor. Again, bring a 1.25-inch diameter PVC pipe and measure the round shape. This measurement cut a thin round iron sheet and a thin rectangular shape with a cutter.
  • Choose a bolt that suits the bearing and make a hole at the side of the bolt. Use glue to attach the round iron sheet and the bolt. Place them inside the approach.
  • Cut the rectangular iron sheets and make them into three little pieces. Place them roundly in the round iron sheet and lock it with the bolt.
  • Set the pipes at the round iron shape side of the motor. Lastly, connect it with the water pump power circuit of a 12-volt battery that provides a suitable power source.

Pressure Switch in 12 Volt Fresh Water Pump

RV shallow machines run by depending on a pressure switch. A water pump pressure switch is the key switch of 12v RV external machines. Generally, a valve pressure switch has always been opened as the engine is connected with the shower system. When a faucet opens, the maximum water pressure inside the motor is higher, and as a result, the liquid comes to the tap and constant water pressure. That’s the process of a pressure switch.

How to Adjust the Pressure Switch on a 12 Volt Water Pump?

A pressure switch box is available with every 12 volt RV shallow machine. You can find it at the end of the top corner of your motor. At first, open the cap of the pressure switch with a screwdriver. Remove the bolts and turn on the pressure switch. After that, adjust the pressure until your shallow motor is running smoothly and efficiently. Then turn off the pressure switch and close the cap like a quieter operation.

Noticeable things for buying an RV Water Pump

Before buying a perfect 12 volts RV shallow motor, you have to know about some topics. These topics will be helpful while you are purchasing an aqua motor for your RV. Would you please keep in mind these topics for selecting an aqua motor? Let’s check out the shortly described buying guide.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is significant for an RV aqua motor. 60 to 75 PSI belonging aqua motors are pretty perfect for RV usage. The more the aqua pressure is high, the more you can get the aqua smoothly.

Flow Rate

A shallow machine’s smoothly going feature is depending upon the flow rate of the liquid. The pump’s flow rate counts in GPM(Gallons Per Minute). While buying a 12v motor, check out the flow rate in the feature section.

Pump Size

Sometimes, your RV doesn’t have the capacity of containing a giant shallow machine. Also, in a medium-size RV, you have less space for an aqua motor. If you want to consume a long time in your RV, choosing a perfectly fitted pump is better. Would you mind reading the pump size when you will purchase it?

best rv water pumps

Among other water pump models of the best RV water pumps, we are suggesting two products. These products are chosen after great research. You can pick out one of them for your RV.

1. Best for overall: SHURFLO Classic 4008

Technical Features

  • Brand: SHURFLO
  • Weight: 4.38 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.13 x 5.5 x 4.65 inches

While it is the question about the best, the SHURFLO water pump is the best overall. This constant speed water pump is well acquainted for its permanence and high proficiency. It has a magnet-powered functional motor that gives the volume pump an excellent work performance.

The pump manufacturer designed the shallow machine with three chambers for RVs and also for other work purposes. The internal built-in bypass feature is low pump cycles. Thermal protection allows the external motor to work in any thermal situation. The noise level is so quiet.

The unique legendary feature of the one-piece diaphragm provides the best services in any plumbing project setting. The durability of the motor can supply you aqua smoothly in your RV for years.


  • It is a super relatively shallow machine to run in RVs.
  • The high flow rate gives you a smooth aqua supply
  • You can ensure to use it dry without any damage.
  • A thermally protected feature is fitting it in all situations.


  • It is a constant speed pump.

2. Best for compaction: bayite 12V DC Diaphragm Pump

Technical Feature

  • Brand: bayite
  • Weight: 400 Grams
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.3 x 3.4 inches

If you have a minimum budget, then you can choose the BAYITE diaphragm pump for your RV. This water pressure pump has a high flow rate(water per minute) of 80 PSI with a minimum price. The pressure switch of the shallow motor is a built-in check valve condition.

Variable speed pump rate gives this priming pump DC12V a unique feature. You can change and fix the speed at any time your wish. The volume of the water motor is relatively small. That’s why it can perfectly fit at any place. It has suitable quality water hose clamps and an RV camper new outlet.


  • You can use it easily for your various purposes as it is fitted for different tasks.
  • It has the feature like the self-priming water pump and diaphragm pump with a built-in pressure switch.
  • The machine can install in various speed modes.


  • You can only use this pump in DC 12V.

Final Thoughts

In an RV, you want to feel comfortable and enjoyable. When you plan for a trip, make sure your RV has a better aqua distribution system. And in that case, 12-volt pumps are perfect for a medium-size RV.

Choose the right one for your RV so that you can get the best services while going for an enjoyable trip.  We hope a 12-volt water pump with a pressure switch can give your shower system a smoother supply.

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